Rat Queens has been a very enjoyable Image Comics offering as of late. I didn’t really jump on it until the third issue came out, but once I did and read every issue in a row, I quickly started loving it. I even especially appreciated the fact that it got better and the characters got more fleshed out as time went on. With the newest issue out, does it continue this trend? Is it good?

Rat Queens #4 (Image Comics)

The true fiend who has been hiring assassins to kill the Rat Queens and other mercenaries turned out to be Bernadette, the shop keeper! But even if they deal with her, the Rat Queens and now all of Palisade are in trouble! A group of orcs have just appeared outside the city and are threatening to destroy everything unless the heroes give in to their demands!

Not the kind of final words one usually says before the end.

Like with the rest of the series, this issue continued to be a lot of fun. It has a good sense of humor (both mature and immature), the characters feel fleshed out and unique, and it has a lot of brutal action (not for the squeamish, that’s for sure). It’s more like the first two issues of the series than the third, with its faster pace (really, it just speeds over last issue’s reveal), dealing out its characterization and maybe any themes briefly (it’s bring up the idea of taking responsibility for one’s actions and how the Rat Queens sort of never do), and just letting the action and humor take over. Not that it’s a bad thing mind you, it’s just not as evenly paced, character building, or even has the same emotion in it as the previous issue was if anyone really liked that difference in style.

The artwork here is as good as always and hasn’t dipped in quality in the slightest. The characters look good, have a nice wide range of expressions (Betty is probably the best example of this) and unique looks to them so that no one looks the same. Panel layouts are simple, but do convey a decent sense of motion and movement in some scenes. Speaking of which, the action is a good example of that and is portrayed very well, depicting the utter brutality in the hits and motion in the weapons (easily the goriest the comic I’m currently reading). The coloring is also pretty good as well, though I’m not sure how I feel about the fuchsia colored sky if I had to be really nitpicky.

Is It Good?

Rat Queens #4 is a gory, action-packed adventure with an odd sense of humor and I really enjoy it. While not heavy on the characterization and backstory as the previous issue was, this one delivers the usual sense of entertainment and excitement that you come to expect from the series. Still easily recommended.

Is It Good? Rat Queens #4 Review
The humor and characters are great.The artwork and action is fantastic overall.
Not as heavy with the character building as previously.More of the same (depends on how you view that though).
8Overall Score
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