When it comes to comic publisher “events” everyone is expecting a heavy dose of the blockbuster action with a touch of the tie-in character teamup allure. What better way to see characters we know than in the big spotlight with everything riding on a single moment? Well, Valiant Entertainment has given us just such an event in Unity, and so far it’s been doing some interesting things and supplying the action. How is the latest issue, is it good?

Unity #3 (Valiant Entertainment)

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X-O Manowar has taken over Romania and that just won’t stand with the world powers. Now Harada, Ninjak and Livewire have taken him on and acquired his suit. They win right? Well maybe not, because they’re all in a ship sinking to the bottom of the ocean and Livewire is having some trouble with the suit. Can the man that suited up in the X-O suit even have a chance against this team is the biggest question tackled in this issue.

What a douche.

This entire issue is really about Livewire and her coping with the suit. Her powers prior to the suit allowed her to communicate with technology, but now that she’s wearing one of the most advanced pieces of tech in the universe she’s getting a whole new perspective on her powers. This is all delivered through narration as she’s experiencing the suit. It’s a cool way to show her inner turmoil and writer Matt Kindt keeps it clear and interesting throughout. So often narration becomes too wordy but here it seems logical and important every time.

It might be due to my not reading much of the Valiant line, but Livewire’s conflicting emotions for Harada (Is he a father figure? Should she listen to him?) were a bit lost on me. The implications of a choice she makes for him make sense, but the emotional rollercoaster isn’t clear to someone who has no idea their relationship prior. And that’s with a brief flashback too.

Eye punch.

The art by J.G. Jones continues to do a good job with the bombastic nature an event book needs with well paced layouts too. There’s plenty of reading to do in this book but you wouldn’t know it from how smoothly the art carries you. The facial expressions work well too, with an illustrated sketchy style that grounds them in reality.

Great narration.

I can’t help but love the narration delivered in this issue. You get inside this character’s head and don’t want to leave. Unfortunately the choice she makes near the end isn’t felt as strongly, but overall a great issue that can be picked up and enjoyed for its own merits.

Is It Good?

Another good chapter in this exciting event book.

Is It Good? Unity #3 Review
Looks greatCompelling character development
Little lost on the choice made in the end
8Overall Score
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