Pierce is dead. Oh, uh, spoiler alert.

Okay, I’m ashamed. Lie. —Abed

Pierce requested someone make the group go through a polygraph test in the event of his death, to determine if his demise was due to him being murdered. From beyond the grave, Pierce asks his typical insensitive, politically incorrect questions. But, how does the episode stack up?

This whole episode is so we can see the gang piss each other off by having to admit their lies, and it’s quite the rib-tickler.

Now, here’s where the episode annoyed me. Yet another major character, Troy, is offered the chance to inherit millions from a dead-ass Pierce, on the condition said person sails around the world. Sheesh, another one bites the dust.

Is It Good?

Save for Chang’s hilarious line about masturbating everywhere, and some select funny lines, this episode is kind of mediocre. I can’t see it holding up to a rewatch the way the “ass crack bandit” episode, or the “Jeff becomes a teacher” episode will. And more importantly, yet another major cast member appears to be bouncing, and this time it’s someone you might actually enjoy. Not that Pierce was terrible, but this character that might be leaving is big. They’re one of my favorite characters, and I’m having a hard time picturing the show without them. But we’ll wait and see how it is, won’t we?

Community Review: Season 5 Episode 4 "Cooperative Polygraphy"
Everyone is forced to tell the truth, with comedic results.
Another damn character is probably leaving.Can't see this holding up to repeat viewings.The moral on this one seems more forced than usual, as does the dramatic reveal at the end.
7.5Overall Score
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