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Is It Good? Coffin Hill #4 Review

The mysteries and characters continue to build and grow in Coffin Hill as more comes to light regarding the titular town being a lot more screwed up than expected. What is in store for us now? Is it good?

Coffin Hill #4 (Vertigo)


Eve Coffin’s friend, Mel, has finally awoken from a decade long trance and although Eve should be happy, she feels that something isn’t quite right. Also, the most recent missing girl hits close to home for Eve as well, since she used to know her over 13 years ago.

Most importantly, someone finally acknowledges something is up with Eve’s eye.

In the last two issues, I mentioned that I found some of the overall haziness and lack of clarity on some of the subject matters in the comic to be problematic. This time around, writer Caitlin Kittredge seems to be bringing more things into focus and starting to unravel the mysteries. Sure, we still don’t know what the extent of Eve’s powers are, what they mean to her and her family (we get a hint about that, but not much else), and if she can even control them; what we do get instead is an actual villain that has some serious implications, some extra backstory for Eve and her connection to the latest victim, and some new mysteries. These new twists and even some of the mysteries do help clear aspects of the storyline up while intriguing at the same time.

Besides the mystery, the rest of the writing remains good overall. Dialogue, pacing, structure, etc. are all fine, but the characters are something to comment on. They are still pretty good here, though of the main four (Eve, Nate, Mel, and Eve’s mother), three of them could use some more fleshing out a bit to make them more dynamic. Right now, we are starting to get some more background for them mostly through hints, like how Nate did something bad to his brother or how Eve’s mother seems to know about the history of her family and its duties (though considering Mel’s case, the development may come in a different way), but we could really use some more. Eve is more developed than the rest and we get to witness clear evidence of her intelligence when she confronts someone.

I’m frankly surprised he hasn’t seen her out on the lawn yet. She’s not that hard to miss like that.

The artwork remains the strongest point of the comic itself. The rich and detail backgrounds and world drawn, the great looking characters (though modern day Mel looks like year 2000 Danielle without her hair dye), the colors are vibrant and changed to fit the right tone of the mood, and the supernatural and horror elements still standout. I don’t know what else I could really say about the artwork that I don’t do every month, but it just looks fantastic.

Is It Good?

Coffin Hill #4 moves in the right direction this issue by starting to unravel some of its mysteries, while also still keeping the audience in the dark enough. With some new and great elements added to this issue, the series feels much better than it has in a while. Definitely worth your time.


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