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Is It Good? Velvet #3 Review

Time to continue with the spy and murder mystery action of Velvet. Can it continue its run of quality? Is it good?

Velvet #3 (Image Comics)


Velvet seeks help from an old friend in tracking down X-13’s final steps before he ended up getting killed. This brings the two of them to Yugoslavia, where Velvet has to try to blend in with rulers of the country and find the only woman who may know anything. Of course, things aren’t always as easy as they sound.

Velvet #3 was a good issue all around thanks to a great balance of story progression and characterization in comparison to other comics out that seem to skimp out on one aspect in favor of the other. Velvet‘s good balance of both makes it feel like that is a lot more weight and content to an issue.

Beyond that, Brubaker’s writing on both the story and characters were great here. The issue shows both the spy demeanor and also the human part of Velvet very well, evinced in how she reacts to certain incidents in the story (which I will not spoil because they are big). This makes her more three-dimensional and allows us to connect better with her. Other characters here are not as developed, sadly (I mean, you get the idea of what kind of character they are, but not enough to form an attachment yet), but it’s only a matter time once they get more panel time.

Nothing like starting a trip with a little casual murder.

The story for the issue continues the plot and the direction that the plot takes very well. There are some familiar elements, including what Velvet does and how the story progresses (if you’ve seen enough spy movies or fiction, you’ll notice), but the story still draws you in as you watch her plan her next move or narrate the action and events; all of the elements and writing here come together well to form a solid story. It also has a heck of a cliffhanger with some very serious implications to it depending how the next issue plays it out.

Steve Epting’s artwork remains solid. The characters look good, the bit of action is solid, the coloring works great and sets a solid tone, the locations are lively and well detailed, and some of the imagery is striking and powerful (like what Velvet discovers in the jail) . There are also some nice bits of panel arrangements that help with the mood and tension at points, like the ending with how it flows and how a bit of it seems to move in slow motion almost. Just great stuff in general.

Is It Good?

Velvet #3 continues to be an exciting spy thriller and one of the best new comics Image is currently putting out. A great main character, a solid story and characterization, a solid cliffhanger, and nice looking artwork makes this an experience to read. Definitely recommended.


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