To the ignorant, what you did was no better than pry cheetah cubs from their mother’s speckled teats, pilfer fledgling birdies from their nests and straight up wrestle babies away from their brothers and sisters… but we know better, don’t we?

We’re World of Warcraft pet battle trainers, ya dig?

You need more than just a couple of your newly acquired little fight slaves to take on the end-game trainers and the Celestial Tournament though. You already raised a few to Level 25 but a baker’s dozen or more of them? Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Except… yes, you do. It’s not that difficult at all. Here, let me show you:

The Checklist

The following are pets that are integral to 2-manning the world trainers so you can most effectively boost your low-level pet. Make sure you have these leveled to 25 before you start your power-leveling route. Click the different tabs to see respective pets from each type:

Mirror Strider
Rapana Whelk or H/H Snail equivalent, Tolai Hare Pup
Nether Faerie Dragon
Gilded Moth, Gilnean Raven/Crow
Anubisath Idol
Clockwork Gnome, Darkmoon Zeppelin, Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling, Warbot
Zandalari Kneebiter


1. Once in a while the pet battles will go down slightly different than my description due to missed hits, critical strikes, and other RNG. If you get the shit end of the stick and can’t recover, restart the battle.

2. Unless you live life dangerously 24/7, there’s no need to put a Level 1 pet in the leveling slot. I recommend getting your pet to at least Level 5, which is where they will have sufficient HP to soak up one attack or DOT (Damage Over Time) application. With a Safari Hat equipped, you can get most pets to Level 5 in one battle.

3. Set your hearth to Shrine of Two Moons if you’re Horde and Shrine of Seven Stars if you’re Alliance filth.

4. The order of the trainers listed in the article is the order in which I usually face them; Nearly Headless Jacob can be reached by using the portal in your main city to Dalaran. The portal to Deepholm, the locale where Bordin Steadyfist resides, can be found in Stormwind or Orgrimmar as well.

5. By following this guide you should be able to take a pet from Level 1-25 in the first 4 or 5 battles and in a time that would make most pizza delivery joints envious. (30 minutes or less.) Make sure you have your Safari Hat equipped and use any Experience Boost Pet Food obtained from fighting the Legendary Beasts if you have them.

Thundering Pandaren Spirit


Location: Border of the Yaungol Advance, Kun-Lai Summit and the Summer Fields, Vale of Eternal Blossoms.

This fight used to be a pain in the ass to level a lowbie pet on until I discovered the power of a silly rabbit.

Your Team: Leveling Pet | Tolai Hare Pup | Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling


1. Start with Leveling Pet. Eat a [Crystal Prison].

2. Switch to your bunny rabbit. Use [Burrow]. You’ll avoid one [Stone Shot] and then eat one for ineffective damage after that.

3. Use [Dodge] to deftly avoid the next two [Stone Shots]. (Get a [Flurry] off while this is going on.) You’ll be immune to the [Crystal Prison] at the end of Round 7.

4. Another [Flurry] and [Burrow] should finish the Spirit off.

Thundering Pandaren Spirit brings out Sludgy.

1. Switch to your mechanical pet. Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling has the perfect chops for this fight with its [Breath] attack being super-effective against Magic-types.

2. Use [Breath].

3. Lay down a [Decoy] and then [Breath] spam to lay waste to Sludgy.

Thundering Pandaren Spirit brings out Darnak the Tunneler.

1. Use [Bombing Run] to set Darnak up the bomb. (Zero Wing references aren’t old at all.)

2. Switch back to your bunny.

3. Use Flurry. Darnak will [Burrow].

4. [Dodge] to avoid the [Burrow]. (You’ll avoid Darnak’s [Stone Rush] next turn as well.) Get a [Flurry] off while this is going on.

5. [Flurry] once more.

6. [Burrow] to avoid the oncoming [Stone Rush]. Darnak will reset the move loop here, applying [Stoneskin].

7. [Flurry] once more and then [Dodge] when Darnak goes underground again. [Flurry] until [Burrow] comes off cooldown, use it, and then rinse and repeat the above steps. If you time it correctly, Darnak shouldn’t land a single hit on you.

Aki the Chosen


Location: Mistfall Village, Vale of Eternal Blossoms

Your Team: Leveling Pet | Anubisath Idol | Gilded Moth


Before taking on Aki, battle one of the Level 24-25 Eternal Strider/Dancing Water Skimmer pets directly northwest of Aki’s map location in Mistfall Village.

The wild Striders here rarely ever attack on the first turn, (often casting [Cleansing Rain]) so you can easily plug in your leveling pet for the first round and then switch to your Level 25 Flying-type to sweep through the trio of Aquatics.

One battle with the Safari Cap equipped brings your pet from Level 1 to Level 6, which should be good enough to survive one round with most pet trainers.

1. Start with your leveling pet and bear the first round of Chirrup’s [Swarm].

2. Swap to Anubisath Idol. Apply [Sandstorm] to negate the next round of Swarm.

3. [Crush] Chirrup beneath your Idol’s sandal soles. Re-apply Sandstorm to block Swarm again if necessary after Chirrup heals.

Aki brings out Stormlash.

1. We could re-apply Sandstorm here after Stormlash changes the weather to [Lightning Storm] with [Call Lightning], but he’s only hastening his own death.

2. [Crush]. Stormlash will use [Roar] for an [Attack Boost].

3. Continue with [Crush]; should 3-shot ‘em.

If Stormlash gains the Dragonkin Passive by getting you past half health, make sure you put up [Deflection]. (Attack boost + Dragonkin passive = that shit hurts.)

Aki brings out Whiskers.

1. Your first [Crush] will miss when Whisker uses [Dive].

2. Block it with [Deflection].

3. [Sandstorm].

4. Switch to your Flying-type. I dig using a moth here because [Cocoon Strike] can negate Whisker’s Dive.

5. Use [Moth Dust]. If it hits (best case scenario: you put the slippery little bastard to sleep) you should be able to kill Whiskers on the next turn with [Alpha Strike].

6. Keep using [Alpha Strike] and [Moth Dust] when it comes off cooldown, saving [Cocoon Strike] to block Whisker’s Dive.

Notes: If the Anubisath Idol is for some reason ever-elusive to you, you can sub in a [Shale Hatchling] to take care of Chirrup; put up [Stoneskin], and then [Sticky Web] and [Leech Life]. You should end the round against Chirrup damn near unscathed, health-wise.

Farmer Nishi:


Location: The Heartland, Valley of the Four Winds

Your Team: Mirror Strider | Leveling Pet | Clockwork Gnome


1. Start with Mirror Strider. [Pump] that shit up as Siren casts [Sunlight]. (Changing the weather to Sunny Day.)

2. Rub your strange, jointed legs together and laugh as you cast [Cleansing Rain], effectively ruining Siren’s (Sunny) day.

3. Unleash your charged [Pump], which will hit for massive damage under the Cleansing Rain weather effects. Use a [Water Jet] to silence Siren for good.

Farmer Nishi brings out Toothbreaker.

1. Use [Water Jet]. Toothbreaker will submerge with [Sons of Root].

2. Use [Cleansing Rain] to heal up, as Toothbreaker will avoid your attack anyways.

3. Use [Pump] and then unleash it on Toothbreaker when he rears his conical little head. One more [Water Jet] should be enough to finish him. Heal with Cleansing Rain if necessary.

Farmer Nishi brings out Brood of Mothallus.

1. Switch to your leveling pet for one turn.

2. Switch to Clockwork Gnome and use [Build Turret].

3. [Metal Fist] the Brood and then [Build Turret] again when it comes off cooldown. Repeat until the Brood lays butchered.

Whispering Pandaren Spirit:


Your Team: Nether Faerie Dragon | Leveling Pet | Emerald Proto Whelp


1. Open with Nether Faerie Dragon and use [Moonfire]. If [Dusty] puts you to sleep with [Moth Dust] restart the battle.

2. Use [Arcane Blast] until Dusty hits the ol’ dusty trail.

Whispering Pandaren Spirit brings out Whispertail.

1. Use [Arcane Blast] and eat Whispertail’s [Flyby].

2. Whispertail will use [Wild Winds]. Use Life Transfer. You should heal >= 500 HP.

3. Get one more [Arcane Blast] in if you gain the Dragonkin passive. If not, switch to Emerald Proto Whelp instead and put up [Emerald Presence].

4. Unleash your fiery dragon [Breath]. If you get below half health, use [Emerald Dream] to heal back up.

Whispering Pandaren Spirit brings out Pandaren Air Spirit.

1. Switch to your leveling pet for one turn.

2. Switch back to Emerald Proto Whelp.

3. [Breath] spam until the Air Spirit is dust in the wind. Use [Emerald Dream] if you get low and reapply [Emerald Presence] when it fades.

Hearth back to the Shrine of Two Moons.

Courageous Yon


Location: Kota Peak, Kun-Lai Summit

Your Team: Leveling Pet | Anubisath Idol | Darkmoon Zeppelin

1. Attack for one round with your leveling pet. Piqua uses [Squawk], a soft-hitting move that applies [Attack Reduction].

2. Bring in Anubisath Idol. Piqua will cast [Lift-Off]. Flip him a big anthropomorphic jackal-fingered “Fuck you” with [Deflection].

3. Use [Sandstorm] to shrug off the second and third rounds of [Flock]. Then simply [Crush] Piqua’s jive-turkey ass. Save [Deflection] for the next [Lift-Off] if need be and re-apply Sandstorm when it comes off cooldown.

Courageous Yon brings out Lapin.

1. [Crush] Lapin the first round. You’ll eat an [Adrenaline Rush].

2. Lapin will [Burrow]s, so use this opportunity to set up [Sandstorm] again. (If you didn’t need to use it against Piqua.)

3. [Deflection] negates the bunny’s underground antics so that you can continue [Crush]ing him to the grave.

Courageous Yon brings out Bleat.

1. Cast [Sandstorm] when Bleat enters to prepare for his forthcoming[Stampede]. From here you can either whittle him down with AI’s [Crush] (which is ineffective against Bleat’s Beast-typing) or bring in your mechanical type to apply a swift death.

(Warbot or Darkmoon Zeppelin work great here, the later especially considering [Decoy] can block the damage from the second part of Bleat’s [Chew].)

Just make sure Sandstorm is up so that your mechanical pet can block Stampede.

2. Use [Bombing Run].

3. [Missile] twice and then use [Decoy].

(You could also solo all three enemies with a [Demolish] Anubisath Idol instead of [Crush] in the first move slot, but I’m sure [Demolish]’s hit chance will be nerfed back to normal soon, as the move is currently bugged.)

Burning Pandaren Spirit:


Location: The Underbough, Townlong Steppes

Your Team: Leveling pet | Anubisath Idol | Rapana Whelk or similar H/H snail


1. Start out with your leveling pet for one attack. Crimson will use [Cyclone].

2. Switch to Anubisath Idol. Cast [Deflection] to dodge the second part of [Lift-Off].

3. Apply [Sandstorm].

4. [Crush] Crimson until your jackal-fists are covered in the stuff.

Burning Pandaren Spirit brings out [Pandaren Fire Spirit].

1. Switch to Rapana Whelk and apply [Acidic Goo].

2. Use [Dive], which will hit for massive damage. Then just [Absorb] him back to the fiery nether from whence he came.

Burning Pandaren Spirit brings out Glowy.

1. Apply [Acidic Goo].

2. [Absorb] until [Dive] comes off cooldown.

3. Use [Dive]. (Your Rapana Whelk will usually die here.)

4. Switch back to Anubisath Idol and use [Sandstorm] to negate Glowy’s [Swarm].

5. [Crush] him like a bug. (Joke of the decade.)

Seeker Zusshi


Location: Fields of Niuzao, Townlong Steppes

Your Team: Rapana Whelk | Leveling Pet | Moth

1. Start with Rapana Whelk and use [Acidic Goo]. As a Critter type he’ll ignore Diamond’s [Frost Nova] effect during Round 1 and is resistant to subsequent [Howling Blast] and [Frost Shock]s.

2. [Dive] for super-effective damage. Then finish Diamond off with [Absorb].

Seeker Zusshi brings out Mollus.

1. Switch to your leveling pet for one turn.

2. Switch to your moth and use [Moth Dust]. Best case scenario: you put him to sleep, he switches, and you can lay the winged slap down on Skimmer. If not use [Cocoon Strike] to block the second part of Mollus’ dive.

3. Keep using [Alpha Strike].

Seeker Zusshi brings out Skimmer.

1. [Alpha Strike] and [Cocoon Strike] him down. Use [Moth Dust] when it comes off cooldown.

Wastewalker Shu:


Your team: Gilnean Raven (Or Flying-type) | Leveling Pet | Rapana Whelk

1. Open with your Flying-type against [Crusher]. Gilnean Raven/Crow is your boy here; The [Call Darkness] and [Nocturnal Strike] combination is lethal against PvE aquatics. (Bonus: Call Darkness will also stymie the heals from Crusher’s [Renewing Mists].)

2. Open up with [Call Darkness]. Then hum the tune from Megadeth’s “Crush ‘Em” as you nail Crusher with [Alpha Strike].

(Note: If you don’t do this, Crusher will heal to full permanently.)

3. Finish Crusher off with [Nocturnal Strike].

Wastewalker Shu brings out Pounder.

1. Switch to Rapana Whelk. Cast [Acidic Goo].

2. [Dive].

3. Reapply [Acidic Goo] and then finish Pounder off with [Absorb].

Wastewalker Shu brings out Mutilator.

1. Bring in leveling pet. Mutilator will shield up with [Spiked Skin].

2. Switch to [Gilnean Raven]. Use [Call Darkness] and then [Nocturnal Strike].

3. When your crow dies switch to Rapana Whelk. [Dive] and then finish Mutilator off with [Absorb].

Alternate Strategy (Updated 3/19/14):

For those of you who might be having difficulty with the duo above, give this team composition a try:

Your team: Sprite Darter Hatchling (or Nether Faerie Dragon) | Leveling Pet | Darkmoon Zeppelin

Why omit of a pet (Gilnean Raven) that can three-shot Wastewalker Shu’s first pet, Crusher? Good question. While the Raven is awesome for dealing with Crusher, he becomes relatively useless after that and that’s no good for two-petting the end-game trainers; that’s where the Sprite Darter Hatchling comes in:

1. Start with [Sprite Darter Hatchling] and use [Slicing Wind]. Barring very bad luck you should be able to power [Crusher] down with >= 25% of your HP.

Wastewalker Shu brings out Pounder.

1. Use [Life Exchange]. Pounder will use [Sandstorm].

2. Get that arid shit outta there with [Moonfire].

3. Tell Pounder to go pound sand by [Slicing Wind]-ing him to death.

Wastewalker Shu brings out Mutilator.

1. Bring out your leveling pet for one attack.

2. Switch to [Darkmoon Zeppelin].

3. Set up a [Decoy] and then [Missile] spam.

Hearth back to Two Moons.

Flowing Pandaren Spirit:


Location: Dread Wastes

Your Team: Anubisath Idol | Leveling Pet | Rapana Whelk


Yet another trainer battle the Anubisath Idol makes a mockery of.

1. Start with him and [Sandstorm] in Round One against Marley, who plants a [Whirlpool].

2. The next turn Marley will [Dive], so [Crush] will miss. Suck up your pride, use [Deflection] and then twirl your mustache like an Ahn’Qirajian boss as you block both the second part of [Dive] and [Whirlpool] simultaneously.

3. [Crush] spam until Marley goes belly-up. (Save your Deflection for Marley’s next [Dive] if need be. Don’t bother blocking his next [Whirlpool].)

Flowing Pandaren Spirit brings out Tiptoe.

1. [Sandstorm] in your first turn. (If you used it on Marley due to missed attacks, Crush instead.)

2. Unless Tiptoe gets a lucky crit, you should be able to [Crush] him to death. Re-apply Sandstorm if it comes off cooldown.

Flowing Pandaren Spirit brings out Pandaren Water Spirit.

1. Bring in your leveling pet.

2. Immediately switch to Rapana Whelk. Cast [Acidic Goo] and then [Dive]. With the [Underwater] effect you will avoid the Water Spirit’s [Geyster] and [Whirlpool].

3. Push the Water Spirit’s liquidy stool in with [Absorb] and [Acidic Goo]. Use [Dive] when it comes off cooldown to finish him off if need be.



Location: Sandy Shallows, Krasarang Wilds

Your Team: Warbot | Nether Faerie Dragon | Leveling Pet


1. Start with Warbot and put up [Extra Plating] against Woodcarver, who will apply [Acidic Goo].

2. Lay down a [Minefield] while Woodcarver goes under with [Burrow].

3. [Missile] spam until Woodcarver becomes so badly brutalized that he’ll never find work again, not even on a totem pole.

Mo’ruk brings out Lightstalker.

1. Put up another [Extra Plating].

2. Your Warbot may take a fall here due to Lightstalker’s [Moth Balls] attack, but have a [Missile] charged up for when you revive with [Failsafe].

3. Make the most valiant of sacrifices and lay down a [Minefield] on your dying turn. (Lightstalker’s [Alpha Strike] should kill you here.)

4. Switch to your leveling pet for one round.

5. Bring in your Nether Faerie Dragon.

6. One [Moonfire] should teach Lightstalker to stop giving light such obsessive and unwanted attention.

Mo’ruk brings out Needleback.

1. [Slicing Wind] your way to the win.

Hyuna of the Shrines:


Your Team: Leveling Pet | Nether Faerie Dragon | Flying Pet

1. Start with your leveling pet and get one attack in.

2. Switch to Nether Faerie Dragon. Cast [Moonlight]. Skyshaper will apply [Confusing Sting].

3. [Arcane Blast] until Skyshaper is dead.

Hyuna of the Shrines brings out Fangor.

1. Use [Life Transfer].

2. Spam [Arcane Blast] until Fangor bites it.

Hyuna of the Shrines brings out Dor the Wall.

1. Switch to your moth and use [Cocoon Strike] to block Dor’s [Headbutt].

2. Use [Moth Dust] and then [Alpha Strike] until [Moth Dust] comes off cooldown again.

3. Rinse and repeat until you break the wall down.

The following trainers can be reached easily from your main city hub. Find the portal to Dalaran and Nearly Headless Jacob is a short flight distance away:

Nearly Headless Jacob:


Your Team: Tolai Hare Pup | Leveling Pet | Leveling Pet

The only stipulation here is that your bunny has a speed over 301. It can kill Spooky Strangler without losing a single HP.

1. Start the fight with Tolai Hare Pup. Use [Dodge] to avoid Spooky Strangler’s [Curse of Doom].

2. Use [Flurry]. Your Dodge from last round will avoid [Agony].

3. Use [Burrow], which will cause Strangler’s [Death Grip] to miss. Your second turn of [Burrow] should kill the Strangler.

4. Use [Dodge] again as it comes off cooldown to avoid the [Agony] from Strangler’s Undead passive turn.

Nearly Headless Jacob brings out Stitch.

1. Your [Dodge] from last round will still be up. Use it to get a Flurry off. Stitch will use [Call Darkness].

2. Use Flurry again. Stitch will apply [Weakness] but since you’re going to use [Burrow] the effect will have worn off by the time you hit.

3. The Burrow should be enough to finish off Stitch. Use [Dodge] to avoid his dying attack.

Nearly Headless Jacob brings out Mort.

1. Your [Dodge] will still be up for Mort’s first turn. Use Flurry and avoid [Siphon Life].

2. Bring out your leveling pet. You’ll eat a [Ghostly Bite] but Mort will be stunned as a result, allowing you get an attack off.

3. Switch back to your bunny and cast [Dodge]. You’ll avoid Mort’s next [Ghostly Bite] and kill him as well. Use [Burrow] to dodge Mort’s dying attack and complete your act of necrophilia on Jacob and his undead pals. You sick bastard.

Kill next opponent with same strategy. Switch to Leveling Pet on last turn.

Bordin Steadyfist


Your Team: Rapana Whelk | Leveling Pet | Zandalari Kneebiter

1. Start with Rapana Whelk or H/H snail equivalent. Apply [Acidic Goo].

2. Use [Dive]. An [Absorb] afterwards should shatter Ruby to pieces.

Bordin Steadyfist brings out Crystallus.

1. Switch to your leveling pet for one turn and eat a [Hiss].

2. Switch to [Zandalari Kneebiter] with speed over 311.

3. Apply [Black Claw] and then [Hunting Party].

Bordin Steadyfist brings out Fracture.

1. Use [Leap] and then [Black Claw] until Zandalari Kneebiter is killed.

2. Switch to Rapana Whelk. One [Dive] should be enough to finish Fracture.

Need help deciding which pets you want to level? Check out my Battle Pet Suggestion articles.

  • HasidicHogan

    Nice tips. Will give these a try!

  • Cletus

    Excellent guide. You can easily have a full stable of level 25 pets in no time with this strategy.

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    The Wastewalker Shu part is ridiculous rng, both Call Darkness AND Nocturnal Strike have to crit or your flying type will most likely get hit by whirlpool and be stuck there,screwing up the whole fight

    • Russ Whiting

      I went back and replayed this fight a few dozen more times and saw what you were talking about. I’m going to append to the strat for Wastewalker Shu with alternative pets to the Gilnean Raven/Crow such as Harpy Youngling and Yellow Moth for those who are having bad luck as well when I get a minute.

      Thanks for the find.

      • Sam

        The problem doesn’t really lie with the Gilnean Raven. It’s the order of abilities used. Barring critical strikes, you’ll never two shot Crusher. The reason many are running into problems is that Alpha Strike does not hit an additional time when Crusher uses Surge. Since the ability ‘always goes first’, the game actually elevates Crusher’s speed to 1500 for that turn, as a direct result of which, the Raven is considered slower and Alpha Strike hits only once.

        To maximize damage within the three turns that Crusher is out, use:
        1. Call Darkness
        2. Alpha Strike
        3. Nocturnal Strike.

        The RNG lies in the Whelk’s Dive actually hitting Pounder. One miss and it’s most likely game over unless leveling pet can actually survive against Mutilator.

        • Ryan

          The strat with these 2 is so insane to pull off. Crusher’s whirlpool take the Whelk down to below 50% before the Whelk can even cast Acidic Goo. And if the Dive even misses once, game over. I really love this guide, but the strat for this fight is to reliant on the RNG ONLY in the players favor. I’ve been trying to find a new solution, but I have been unable to find a pet to replace these 2 for the strat here.

          • Russ Whiting

            I’ve updated the strat with a combo of: Sprite Darter Hatchling (or Nether Faerie Dragon) | Leveling Pet | Darkmoon Zeppelin

            Try it out and let me know how it works out for you.

        • Russ Whiting

          True. I had done up that sequence so many times with the Raven that it must have been embedded in my mind; if you use the sequence Sam listed, you should 3-shot Crusher every time.

          I actually think I’ve found a two-pet setup that works; I just want to test it a few more times to make sure and then I’ll be sure to keep you guys updated.

          Thanks for posting.

  • FuxieDK

    Minimum HP for levelling pets would be nice for some fight. E.g. Flowing Pandaren Spirit, you can easily sustain 7-800 damage to your backline pets, meaning lowlevel levelling-pets will quickly be killed, without even being swapped in for a single turn. Other ‘bosses’ hit your levelling-pet once, sometimes for large amounts, or puts a DoT on, which ticks on, after the pet is swapped out..

  • Eluthria Starise

    I had reasonable success against Wastewalker Shu using:

    1. Phoenix Hawk Hatchling – Quills, Flyby, Lift-Off
    2. Pandaren Water Spirit – Water Jet, Healing Wave, Dive

    Start with Flyby to get the debuff on then use Quills until Whirlpool is due. Dodge Whirlpool with Lift-Off. Crusher should be dead at this point. Carry on against Pounder using Flyby until death, don’t bother with Quills due to Sandstorm’s damage reduction effect.

    Bring in Pandaren Water Spirit as this is immune to Sandstorm due to its elemental type. Start with Dive, then switch to Water Jet. Use Healing Wave after first lot of damage and then reuse on cool down. Continue with Water Jet saving your Dive cool down for Mutilator. Once onto Mutilator immediately use Dive and Healing Wave reusing each on cool down.

    Your Pandaren Water Spirit will most likely die just shy of securing a kill so bring in your levelling pet and finish the bugger off. So long as you levelling pet is around level 10 or better you should be okay.

    This strategy is still a little RNG dependant due to reliance on Lift-Off and Dive but I think you’ll find it an improvement over the original proposal.

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