All-New X-Factor #2 has a flashy cover that warns you to “hold on tightly.” Can the second issue in the series back up the talk? Is it good?

All-New X-Factor #2 (Marvel Comics)


I’m not saying I like to see series crash and burn, but I was really pulling for All-New X-Factor’s success. It seems like the creative team is really passionate and wants to make this book a totally different experience than any other book out there. I went into this issue with high hopes, and for the most part, it delivered.

From the get-go the stage was set. There was no exposition or explanations needed, we already took care of that last issue. For those of you who are only joining now, the three initial team members of X-Factor have tracked down a group of insane A.I.M scientists to a lab where the X-Factor thinks A.I.M is harming mutants. Their assumptions were correct, and as they struggle to liberate these helpless science specimens the leader of the scientists transforms into a gigantic energy beast. It’s a rollicking good time.


Although this issue is very quickly paced, you never lose track of the story or where the narrative is headed. The characters all have clear motives and the narrative switches back and forth between each one, fleshing out the story in a very easy to read, linear construct. The X-Factor seem to be very apt at taking down mad scientists and the way they work (both individually and as a team) is different from any other X-Team. Gambit and Quicksilver are particularly fun to watch as they play off of each other’s abilities.

And while this issue is a lot of fun because of all the high-flying action, writer Peter David never loses sight of his characters. All of them have distinct personalities and backstories that help us better understand their role in this conflict and on the team. The controversy between Quicksilver and some of the new mutants was interesting and made the story come together at the end in a satisfying way.


Is it Good?

All-New X-Factor #2 is without a doubt a good time, and a recommended book. The graphic design and paneling is terrific and makes this issue feel like it actually is endorsed by Serval Industries. Frantic, action packed artwork also makes this issue stand-out as a really well-made book. However, I thought the dialogue was a little too cheesy and the story needed too much explaining from the characters for me to give this anything above a (very solid) 8.5.

Is It Good? All-New X-Factor #2 Review
Enjoyable as heckAll action with great characters as well
Comes off as a little campy at times
8.5Overall Score
Reader Rating 6 Votes

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