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Community Review: Season 5 Episode 5 “Geothermal Escapism”

The floor is lava, and the study group is about to go weird.

This episode credits Tim Saccardo as the primary, who I’m not familiar with. It also has 9 other writers credited, notably missing Dan Harmon. According to the IMDB it’s directed by no one. (Since Friday they have updated it to reveal a guy named Joe Russo directed it.)

I had so much fun with this damn episode: think Mad Max meets a childhood game of “the floor is hot lava,” mixed with the cast of Community. Think countless references, both visual and through dialogue, to countless films and and genres of films. Think a giant inflatable ball filled with Troy, Abed and Britta riding on top of it trying to deflate the ball. In other words, it’s the type of zaniness Community does best.

Is It Good?

Short of the “ass crack bandit” episode, this has been my absolute favorite episode thus far. It’s goofy, it’s fun, and it deals with Abed and his struggle to cope with his best friend leaving in a way that only Abed could, or would. Despite its—once again—rushed dramatic set of scenes at the end dealing with Abed’s reticence to see Troy go, it’s otherwise the best episode this season. Right on, Community.


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