Geek out alert: How often is it that you get quoted in a letter column? How about getting quoted in a letter column with a mention of the interview you just had with the author of that comic? How about getting quoted in a letter column with a mention of the interview you just had with the author of that comic, your recent review of his comic, your website and a confession of shock at how young you are? For me this has only happened once, in The Other Dead #5. Now, before I get too worked up about this whole letter column business, let’s ask the question, is it good?

The Other Dead #5 (IDW Publishing)


In case you didn’t pick up a copy of The Other Dead #5 (which you should) here is a pic of my letter and Joshua’s response:


As for the issue itself, here’s how it went down. Obama, Obama’s bodyguard, Tommy, Az, Az’s jackass friend and Az’s girlfriend are all trapped in the rednecks’ house when a whole onslaught of undead animals come a knockin’. Fortunately, the US government has sent choppers with armed military forces to rescue the president. The animals are trapped between the choppers and the house, being pelted with gunfire from both sides.

This issue really is just one, drawn out battle scene; but what a fantastic scene it is. There are so many small moments and conflicts that make this issue intricate and exciting. Obama and the rednecks are actually cooperating in taking down the hordes, putting any political differences aside to kick-ass. There is so much gore it will make your head spin, from brains being smashed in with the butt of a gun to a dog getting axed to death by the leader of the free world. It’s a really bloody good time.


Az’s friend is struggling to ward off a couple of mutts while he is handcuffed to a table as a quarantine. It’s an interesting dilemma, not unlike that in the first couple episodes of The Walking Dead.

It’s very fast-paced, with the details in subtle framework. Tommy’s whispered words and prayers for survival give the story the gravitas to separate it from just a hack-and-slash gore fest. This issue doesn’t let up until the final pages, and even then it’s torturing you with a new threat. It really is an exciting and nicely paced issue, and an enjoyable experience overall.


However, there are a couple things I’m not so happy with. First of all, is it really credible that the government would send more than a dozen troops out to rescue the president? Especially when he can fend for himself and is protected and well-stocked? Wouldn’t the government have other priorities like helpless citizens? It just seems a little iffy. Also, did the bears choreograph when they were going to come in? Or was it just that it was convenient that the bears arrive later than the other animals to make the story more dramatic? I’m thinking the latter. Also, it seems like last issue concluded in the exact same way as this one. A new animal coming into the fold posing an entirely new threat; last time deer, this time bats.

Is it Good?

How could it not be? My name is in it!

But in all seriousness, The Other Dead #5 was a fun issue, with enough gore to go around and Qing Ping Mui again delivering on the artistic front. Aside from a few points of contention about plot decisions, this comic sets up nicely for the finale of Other Dead’s first mini-series.

Is It Good? The Other Dead #5 Review
My letter got published!Really action-packedGoretastic and beautifully drawn slaughter
Glaring plot holes
8.5Overall Score
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