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Is It Good? The Saviors #2 Review

James Robinson’s The Saviors returns with its second issue after an encouraging start to the series. Now that we got a story going on, let’s see where it can takes us. Is it good?

The Saviors #2 (Image Comics)

Tomas Ramirez’s life has been officially turned upside down after making the discovery that aliens exist and the sheriff is one of them! He forced into hiding and stuck with a mysterious stranger, who is a part of a resistance movement in order to fight them. What could happen now?

The Saviors‘ sophomore effort is a fun read. It’s divided into two distinct halves: a fast-paced action scene and a slow moving exposition drop for the second (though it goes back to being action oriented for the last two or three pages). While that slower second half brings the story to screeching to a halt, it is necessary and it helps to start filling in the background details for these aliens. This part also feels a bit like an alien invasion sci-fi flick as well, so you may want to prepare for some déjà vu (though Tomas points how familiar this seems).

Pretty good aim for an alien at the bottom of a chasm.

Besides that, there isn’t much to comment on it. Not much characterization as the previous issue and we don’t even get to really know anything about the guy who saved Tomas. Outside of the exposition dropped, the issue feels very decompressed to the point where this issue could easily be broken down and fit in as part of the previous issue. The dialogue is decent with a touch of humor in some parts, but that’s pretty much it. Not a bad issue, but not much to chew on overall.

The artwork is still as strong as in the previous issue with its simple, but still excellently drawn work. The characters are good with very expressive faces, the locations are well done (boring, but what do you expect with a desert backdrop?), and layouts are simple but effective. The issue also has some action scenes like I mentioned, which are paced and laid out very well.

Is It Good?

The Saviors #2 is a good, but slow second issue for the series. It feels uneventful, but it is still necessary since it reveals a lot of important information in a very heavy exposition scene. It’s a decent issue regardless, but maybe wait on picking this one up until the next issue comes out.


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