Skips is skipping back into our lives in Regular Show: Skips #4. (See what I did there?)

Regular Show: Skips #4 (Boom! Studios)


Based on Regular Show, created by JC Quintel, this issue is written by Mad Rupert, who also illustrates. Skips has to stop Mordecai and Rigby from blowing up a Geyser by throwing pop rocks and soda into it while it erupts. He’s aided by a hilarious time cop.


The pacing and style are much like Regular Show itself. And it’s quite funny. The Time Cop in particular slays me.


The art is fun and there are good likenesses to all the characters from the show. It’s real cartoony, which makes sense since it’s based off a cartoon.

Is it Good?

Heck yeah it’s good. It’s over in a flash but has a quality of re-readability that makes it worth a purchase. If you like Regular Show, I’d check it out. And if you like Skips, I’d definitely check it out. My only beef with the issue is that it’s very similar to last issue. Still, the issue is wildly entertaining and features time travel, so I can forgive its repetitious nature.

Is it Good? Regular Show: Skips #4
Fun, and fast-pacedTime cop is hilariousCaptures the feel of the show excellently
Exact same stuff happens as last issue
8Overall Score
Reader Rating 3 Votes

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