Goblin Nation is upon us and it isn’t even Halloween! The time is ripe for the goblins though&madsh;the Green and Hob versions, amongst many others mind you—to rise as they’re taking over what Superior Spider-Man started with his spider-bots. This issue opens 31 days since the last with New York in utter turmoil (don’t ask us why all the other heroes could care less) and Spidey is in dire straights. Sounds like a setup for some dramatic story spinning; is it good?

Superior Spider-Man #27.NOW (Marvel Comics)

If you’ve just joined us, Spider-Man is really Doc Ock, the spider-bots that scan the city for crimes have been hacked to not see goblins as a threat and Peter Parker is barely hanging on inside the brain space that is Superior Spider-Man. Last issue the Green Goblin killed Hobgoblin and has taken his army of goblin masked vigilantes, all culminations of the henchmen that worked for those Spider-Man defeated, above ground. Now they’re wreaking havoc and Spider-Man doesn’t have the resources to do a thing about it. This issue delivers the first interaction between Spidey and Green Goblin, some advancements in the ancillary storylines and further details of the state Peter Parker is in.

What a cry baby.

Writer Dan Slott sure has a lot of exposition to get through. It doesn’t help when he has minor storylines that go in and out of each issue, as recap is necessary nearly every installment. This issue is filled with recap with a smidgen of story advancement trickled in. What is J.J. doing, how is Peter faring, etc. It makes the read a bit of a bore when all you want is some Green Goblin action. That said, when greeny does show up it’s interesting. A revelation is made by Green Goblin and SpOck is none too happy about it. Slott ends the issue with a clean slate action sequence which should jumpstart old web head next issue and create some interesting dynamics.

Slott also weaves in a satisfying sequence with Peter, where we learn he only has 31 memories left since Doc Ock erased most of them. He does however leave us with Peter in an odd place where there’s no telling what the repercussions are. We know he’s in trouble, but there’s no way of telling how much we should care.

Memories include: letting the killer of Ben go, Juggernaut battle, symbiote and loving on Mary Jane.

Artist Giuseppe Camuncoli doesn’t disappoint in this issue, but considering how little action there is he doesn’t have much to work with either. He draws one pretty epic bridge shot, the Brooklyn Bridge of all bridges, which has a resounding impact if you know Spidey’s history. The rest is a bit claustrophobic but that’s due to the jam-packed nature of the exposition-heavy story.


Is It Good?

All in all a good read, but not a great one, especially when compared to the last two stellar issues. This is yet another bridging issue that’s more interested in recapping moments to set up future issues than delivering a major advancement in story.

Is It Good? Superior Spider-Man #27.NOW Review
Green Goblin scene steals the showThe art keeps you turning those pages
Too much recap and exposition
7.5Overall Score
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