The adventures of the most controversial and dynamic power couple out there today (sorry Jay-Z and Beyonce) continues in the latest issue of Superman/Wonder Woman. Is it good?

Superman/Wonder Woman #5 (DC Comics)


Faora is out of the Phantom Zone and has been taken away by Zod to parts unknown, leaving Superman with a new problem to handle. He’ll need to stop them before they do whatever it is they are planning, but will he able to? Meanwhile, Wonder Woman goes back to Paradise Island to check in on her frozen rock mother and her snake sisters.

This issue was merely okay. It felt padded out, as not much went on. Sure, it was interesting to see Wondy visiting her home, but nothing of real consequence happens (the whole monster bit feels like it added nothing to the story); Zod and Faora escaping and then fighting each other (the whole fighting incident could have been easily left out), and then Superman and Wonder Woman fighting them where it ends up in a draw . Just not a lot of progression taking place.

They aren’t conversationalists currently, but it is always nice to visit them.

Speaking of not much being there, there wasn’t a lot of characterization or relationship building here for the two as there was elsewhere. The two were separated from each other until the ending scene, but there wasn’t much interaction. We see Wonder Woman talking to her stone mother, but there isn’t much to it that we haven’t already learned. The writing in general is perfectly fine, but the issue does not feel like it has much going for it at all and feels like it could have been combined into the previous and next issue almost.

The artwork is fine as usual, with the occasional lackluster facial expression (they were better this time around though) and some odd body musculature. The action was good, the characters and designs were decent, layouts were decent, and double page spread was nice and laid out well. It’s a decent looking book, but there wasn’t much to see or that stood out this time around.

Is It Good?

Superman/Wonder Woman #5 was the weakest issue of the series so far. It felt padded out, lacked in the characterization and relationship aspects, and really did not have much going on. The writing and artwork are fine; it just needs a bit more to it if it wants to stand out.

Is It Good? Superman/Wonder Woman #5 Review
The writing and artwork were perfectly fine
Feels padded and decompressed.Lacks characterization and relationship aspect that the previous issues had.
6.5Overall Score
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