Let’s follow Joe trapped in Purgatory, and figure out if Ten Grand #7 is any good.

Ten Grand #7 (Image Comics/Joe’s Comics)

J. Michael Straczynski, or “JMS” as I like to call him since his name is hard to spell, continues to amaze with his supernatural detective, Joe Fitzgerald. It’s a character that’s been done before, whether it be Constantine, or Cal McDonald. But Joe has a certain something special about him. Or maybe he doesn’t and JMS is just a phenomenal writer, so I like the guy, and want to follow him through purgatory.

That’s where Joe is still wandering, by the by. In purgatory, and he’s trying to find the gates of Hell so he can go save his love, Laura, and get her soul out of the fiery place.

The art by C.P. Smith is cool. As previously stated in other reviews, I hate pointy noses and chins, and C.P. draws Joe this way. He also draws him with huge ears. But the overall aesthetic is groovy, so I can get down with it even if it is a very, very different style than the one I was used to when Templesmith was on board.

Is It Good?

It’s a really engrossing story, and while the art isn’t my personal favorite, most sane human beings who aren’t nit-picky as all Hell should have no problems with it. It’s fast-paced, biblical, and really cool. For fans of Constantine, and other supernatural detectives, Ten Grand #7 is Heaven sent, and a Hell of a good time.

Is It Good? Ten Grand #7 Review
Fast-paced and grandiose in its vision.Joe is a great character.Purgatory is a great landscape.
The art isn't my favorite.
8.5Overall Score
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