The New Warriors are reborn Marvel NOW! style; written by Christopher Yost (Scarlet Spider, Red Robin) and penciled by Marcus To — what can we expect from Nova, Hummingbird, Sun Girl and the rest of the gang? Is it good?

New Warriors #1 (Marvel Comics)


All around North America, different young heroes are going about their business, doing heroic things or just living under the radar away from everyone else. All is calm and quiet… or so it would seem…

Look, just because we look like bad guys, doesn’t mean we deserved to be attacked you fools!

In comparison to most of the new Marvel titles I’ve tried, New Warriors seems the most traditional in the superhero sense. That of course, does not make the comic bad at all. In fact, I like what I read and with so few traditional superhero comics out there that’s just about the heroes being heroes, this debut issue was very refreshing and rather upbeat as well. Sure, the team is nowhere close to being a team (I mean, they are all over this continent), but the book introduces a dangerous foe that will certainly bring them all together soon.

For an introductory issue, this one gets the job done introducing the cast with all their quirks, personalities, traits, and backstories. Everyone’s distinct enough and given plenty of panel time (with maybe the exception of Nova, who has his own title of course) to give an impression of what kind of demeanor they have and what their abilities are. The New Warriors come across as likeable people, with the exception of Scarlet Spider at points and individuals that could make a formidable team, considering how unique each of them are. It’s solid character stuff so far, but the true test will come later when we see them all interact with one another.

Oh that silly Scarlet Spider! Yelling at those poor people! What a scamp!

The rest of Yost’s writing is fine overall. It’s well-paced as the characters and villains (though I have no idea what they are) are introduced and flows well from scene to scene. The dialogue is fine and there is a touch of humor to it that should have you smiling. The ending is alright, but it’s not all that exciting and the kind that would get you really pumped for the next issue. The story and writing are not something that will push boundaries or have that indie feel that Marvel’s trying to push with a lot of their new books but it presents an enjoyable superhero romp that you don’t often get to see anymore with how serious, large, and tonally different a lot of the books are becoming.

Speaking of more traditional superhero style comic, the artwork by Marcus To is very fitting for this kind of book. His style is more in line for conventional superhero comics and it works great overall. The characters look distinct with their colorful uniforms, the action is drawn and laid out well, the panel layouts are fine, the colors are bright and vibrant (done by David Curiel), and the imagery has a nice sense of energy and movement to it. Like the writing it’s not something that’s radically different and unique in comparison to other artists, but it looks great and fits the book overall. That’s the important thing here.

I’m draining all the color out of you! Soon, you’ll be nothing but bronze colored!

Is It Good?

New Warriors #1 is a pure, fun, and highly enjoyable superhero romp that was honestly needed. It doesn’t change or challenge the readers like other titles do, but it gives them something that they could be missing: a real, more traditional superhero book with great characters that can be fun for everyone. If you looking for something along those lines, then definitely give this book a look.

Is It Good? New Warriors #1 Review
A traditional superhero book that's pure fun.Mighty fine artwork.Distinct, likable characters.
Not for the crowd who needs tons of complexity, challenge, seriousness, or large scale events in all their superhero booksThe team is nowhere close to coming together at this point
8.5Overall Score
Reader Rating 2 Votes

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