Welcome back to Avengers World. This time, we’re checking in on Shang-Chi and see how he is dealing with the new situation that is going on with Madripoor. Is it good?

Avengers World #3 (Marvel Comics)

Madripoor is now located on top of a gigantic dragon (how no one has fallen off yet or how buildings still remain in tact is anyone’s guess) caused by some guy named Gorgon (whom I had never heard of before this series). There’s possibly only one way to stop this madness and it’s up to Shang-Chi to stop him…possibly? He’s not very confident about this fight at all.

With that lack of confidence, they certainly won’t.

I’ll start by saying this: I know nothing about Shang-Chi as a character. Really my only experience with him comes from his minimal exposure in Hickman’s Avengers (where he most often acts as a background character with no lines), so I’m not entirely sure how accurate this issue’s portrayal of his character is as I can only judge what I see in this version. And he’s alright, a bit cheesy with the inner narrations, but comes across as a competent fighter in general (though he sort of falls into the trap that a lot of the heroes in Hickman’s Avengers do when it comes to actually, y’know, winning). I would need to see more (luckily, he gets his own mini-series soon) to get a real reading on the guy, though.

Despite my lack of knowledge of the character and my general indifference, I am suspecting that fans of his will definitely enjoy him and the entire fight sequence between him and Gorgon. Speaking of which, this entire issue is just one long drag-out, intense fight sequence. Not much story progression and no revelations, just a big action sequence. For those who have been wanting some real, good action out of this series, this should fill that need. However, with the way the series is progressing, an issue where not much happens besides a fight scene can really hamper the comic (especially with no double shipping) when it has so many different plotlines and each issue is focused on one of them (who knows when we’ll get back to this). Otherwise, there really isn’t much to say with the writing here, other than the dialogue being kind of silly in a way (again, it could fit with the character and I just don’t know).

Excuse me; pardon me, sorry; just need to get to the front of the line sir, it’s important.

Stefano Caselli’s artwork last issue didn’t really do much for me or have much going for it, since there wasn’t anything particularly exciting or interesting to look at. This time around, the artwork gets to shine a bit in some intense action sequences. The fighting looks very good here and flows from panel to panel, the motion and energy of the characters is taut, and even the page layouts are well thought out. It looks good here, especially towards the end, and helps make the experience more enjoyable than pretty much every issue before this.

Geez, that fire is spreading quickly! Did you pour gasoline around the place first?

Is It Good?

Avengers World #3 is the best issue of the series yet. For Shang-Chi fans, this will most likely be a treat to see the character in action in an intense, issue-long fight scene. On the other hand, the comic offers little else besides that fight scene with its lack of story progression. Not much else to say besides definitely give it a look.

Is It Good? Avengers World #3 Review
Definitely for the Shang-Chi fans.A very impressive and exciting action scene.The artwork stood out more and look impressive.
Has little else to offer besides the action.
7.5Overall Score
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