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Panels in Poor Taste: 2/21/2014 – Sacrilegious Pasties and Gender-Bending Barbara Walters

Loki: Ragnarok and Roll #1

Written by Eric M. Esquivel | Art by Jerry Gaylord

Dave: Upside-down crosses as pasties, a tied-up chick getting it on with a girl in a nun costume, physical exertion sex humor…looks like the Panels in Poor Taste team was called just in time!

Sean: Oh, I was already here. I didn’t realize this was Panels in Poor Taste. S--t, I should probably pull my pants up. #BeatTheWorldSerpent

Sam: “Wanna play?” I’m pretty sure we had a panel last week talking about a late night game with similar subject matter. Maybe a Zenescope book is tying into this…what a subtle crossover!

Dog: I guess King Diamond was wrong. Nuns DO have fun!

Green Lantern: New Guardians #28

Written by Justin Jordan | Art by Brad Walker

Dave: That has to be one of the coolest landing strips I’ve ever seen.

Sean: What is this, the 70s?

Dog: Is “hinder made of angel hair” one of Facebook’s 50 gender identities? If not, I expect a strongly worded blog post from a certain shimmering humanoid.

B.P.R.D. Hell on Earth #116

Written by Mike Mignola | Art by James Harren

Dave: Why did Harren have to make the giant monster baby so darn cute!? I weep at his eye gouge.

Sean: No, don’t kill it, it just wants to play patty cake!

Dog: I didn’t know Tarantino was directing the long-gestating Encino Man sequel.

Harley Quinn #3

Written by Amanda Conner | Art by Chad Hardin

Dave: Since they share a mouth, they must be [insert cunnilingus joke here].

Sean: One of them looks like a baby, Dave. That’s not cool. That’s super statutory.

Dog: Not one of Russell Stover’s best advertisements…

Amazing X-Men #4

Written by Jason Aaron | Art by Ed McGuinness

Dog: And a little Zithromax can clear it right up.

Dave: “This is why we a can’t get Mexican!” was the original thought bubble there. Stupid editors.

Sean: Carrot Top’s mom is pissed!

Supergirl: Sanctuary

Written by Mike Johnson | Art by Mahmud Asrar

Dave: Gotta love the Scottish and their ability to stay cool but also be cool (with hiding their junk). That said, they really missed out on a teaching moment there for the kids: “and the villain has exposed testes which make babies, see?”

Sean: I am really glad we don’t get to see his purple soldier.

Dog: I always wondered what it would look like if Krang had a kid with Stretch Armstrong.

Female Force #8: Barbara Walters

Written by Robert Schnakenberg | Art by Vinnie Tartamella

Dave: Who is the man pretending to be Barbara Walters in the second panel!? Somebody get a reporter on this…maybe Walters? I don’t know, is she even alive?

Sean: “As to the accusations that I have a stand in who is actually a man, on days when I’m at the spa, well, that is just preposterous.”

Dog: If “paying dues” is code for “made a deal with Satan,” I suddenly understand the inclusion of crazy anti-vaxxer Jenny McCarthy on the show.

Animal Man #28

Written by Jeff Lemire | Art by Rafael Albuquerque

Dave: Aside from this sending weird vibes down the back of my neck…did that dude have horns for eyes?!

Sean: Wait…yeah. Hold up a second. He did have horns for eyes! What the hell kind of sense does that make! How does he see?! Does he go by scent primarily, like a snake, or by echolocation, like a bat?

Dog: Maybe they’re fat whiskers and he feels around in the dark with his face.

Sam: All he ever wanted was a hug from his childhood hero Animal Man.


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