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Is It Good? Jupiter’s Legacy #4 Review

What if the superheroes were a bunch of douchenozzles who realized they would be the ones making the decisions to stop society from going down the tubes? Methinks we’d quickly end up just as bad or worse without their help, but that’s humanity, isn’t it? Jupiter’s Legacy #4 aims to see how the world fared after the traditional Superman-esque hero was murdered a few issues back. Is it good?

Jupiter’s Legacy #4 (Image Comics)

This book has a cool bookend feel to it, opening on the heroes who gained their powers and ending with the White House and what they’ve done to the world. This opening shows us the bright eyes these humans had, but also reveals maybe they were being manipulated by something that wasn’t for the greater good. We also get to see some far out adventuring into the mountains, the island that gave them powers and just where exactly they went to get them. The final pages do a good job setting up what is to come in the next issue and raising the stakes just a bit.

Cool door.

Most of this book however, focuses on Chloe raising her very super kid. It’s 2022 and the world is basically under a police state. Superheroes are illegal, so Chloe, her son and her husband have to hide their powers. We quickly find out it’s a tricky business having a small boy hide one of the coolest things any kid would want to brag about. Luckily he has a bit of a super intelligence too, so he understands the whole “hide the powers” deal. We get to see what it’s like for a kid to live in this world which is made all the more interesting when you think about his mom was doing drugs and living a rockstar lifestyle.

The art by Frank Quitely continues to impress and doesn’t seem rushed—probably because of the delays—with a particularly strong showing of the boy. There’s a soccer scene in here with Chloe’s son and how he has to fake being bad, not super, which works well based on the panel choices.

Maybe you should worry.

Is It Good?

It’s pretty darn good, with some interesting backstory revealed and a great sequence with Chloe’s son. I wasn’t a big fan of the White House portion and the current drama that’s going on, but that might be due to the strength of the son scenes.


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