Well ain’t my face as red as a burnt Lobster claw in a baddie’s forehead? Here I went into Part 2 expecting to really dislike it, and I actually liked it. Let’s look at part 2, gents and dames.

Lobster Johnson: Get the Lobster Part 2 (Dark Horse Comics)

This issue actually held my interest, which surprised me. I fully expected to loathe it, and hence when I did not hate it, it was a nice feeling. Mike Mignola and John Arcudi are still on the story, and you know, I’m finding myself invested after this issue. The incorporation of the police turning on The Lobster in a very Gotham PD fashion might be derivative, but with the added angle of a reporter covering The Lobster it’s certainly coming together. Add into the mix a secretive mob boss, and you got yourself a fine Lobster stew.

The art by Tonci Zonjic is soothing. Whole thing still looks like Dick Tracy, but it coo, it coo. A good portrayal of The Lobster, and the faces are nice. Some good action sequences, similar to the first issue. But, the action is less cartoonish. At least it seemed as such to me.

Is it Good?

I was fully prepped to write another scathing review about how bad the Mignolaverse has become, but this series might have something to it. Perhaps it was just the wrestlers in the first issue that bored me to tears. In any case, it’s a nifty throwback to those old school comics were all the heroes shot people for some reason.

The only complaint is that yes, it’s enough to keep me going, but am I going to rush out and get the new one the first chance I get? Probably not. Still, it’s a good read, and I do want to see where this Lobster is headed.

Is It Good? Lobster Johnson: Get the Lobster Part 2 Review
Story is growing intriguingCool art, reminiscent of older comics
Doesn't leave much of a lasting impression
8.5Overall Score
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