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Is It Good? Superior Spider-Man #29 Review

Spider slayers, Green Goblin, Spider-Man 2099…can writer Dan Slott stuff any more Spider-Man lore into one story arc?! It’s like the man wants to have every iconic Spider-Man entity into this series just to show us how weak Doc Ock is and he’s doing a great job of it. But how’s the latest issue? Is it good?

Superior Spider-Man #29 (Marvel Comics)

Goblin Nation is hitting part three today and it’s a five parter, so expect some change but no resolution in this issue. Last issue Mary Jane got Peter’s family out of the city to (seemingly) safety, and Parker lured Carley into his lab to possibly cure her. Everything SpOck has created is crumbling now and it’s clear Slott is laying bare this hero so we only see the parts the original Peter had. He did well for a while using his wits, but his arrogance is getting the better of him now and we’re truly seeing if he really is “Superior.” That’s the coolest aspect of this new arc and should keep everyone biting their nails with anticipation. Slott is basically breaking all the toys he created and he’s having a grand old time doing it.

Slott is breaking down everything, even relationships, that SpOck built.

Everything comes to a head in this issue, including Spider-Man 2099, who’s been on the down low for quite a few issues. There’s also a major death, a lot of Green Goblin posturing and plenty of SpOck rushing around like a chicken with its head cut off. We’re seeing SpOck squirm and in some sense it’s a pleasure to watch. Sure, he’s Spider-Man, but he’s also the jerk that is Doc Ock who deserves some comeuppance. Slott keeps the focus on Spider-Man for the most part, aside from a check-in with Mary Jane, which clearly helps the story flow. In previous issues all the characters are in different places, but now that things are coming together the narrative is smooth and much better paced.

The only downfall of the story so far is Spider-Man 2099, who was ham-fisted into this story to begin with. Why is he here, what does his character even bring, and how is his transition to living in the past going? I can’t help but think he’s going to be the way we get Peter Parker back into his body in a deus ex machina kind of way.

Scientist slam!

The art by Giuseppe Camuncoli is a home run in this issue. There are two double page spreads that not only capture all the plot details but do so in a very dramatic way. They both contain a giant head shot of a character, one with Green Goblin the other with Doc Ock, and along the sides we get the story. In the Doc Ock page we get panels of Spider-Man beating down Ock; basically a history as to why he hates Spider-Man so much, all reflected in his arms. It’s a cool way to show a flashback and it conveys his rage rather well. He also uses some groovy diagonal panels here and there to highlight the chaos of the moments. There’s a lot to love in this issue and worth looking at even if you’re not reading the series.

Uncaring web slinger who doesn’t save everyone…sounds like J.J.’s version of Spider-Man.

Is It Good?

Fantastic issue because dammit things are progressing so nicely and all the build up is finally paying off.


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