We are closing in on the finale for the first arc of Superman/Wonder Woman. It’s been a decent ride and seems to have been building up towards an exciting conclusion. Does it deliver? Is it good?

Superman/Wonder Woman #6 (DC Comics)


Superman and Wonder Woman need to take down Zod and Flora before they open the gateway to the Phantom Zone and unleash whatever they have inside. The odds are stacked against them, but with a gift from Hephaestus, they may be able to swing things back into their favor.

Please people, next time you come to me — at least give me sort of challenge!

Superman/Wonder Woman #6 was a great issue; easily the best of the run so far in my humble opinion. It had excitement, good characterization and relationship building (some of the lines are cheesy, although you can at least start buying more of the relationship between Clark and Diana now), decent dialogue, a few tense and surprising scenes, and an intense cliffhanger that will leave you wanting more. Heck, the issue even goes back to a previous issue of the series and makes it more relevant to the importance of the story overall. The reason for that is in a twist (which I won’t spoil) in this issue. Definitely good stuff.

There is one gripe with Charles Soule’s writing and that concerns the cliffhanger of this issue; without saying anything about what happens — it’s pretty obvious that the characters will be alright in the end despite what happened. I mean, the series will still be continuing on, there will a big event in May that’ll be following this storyline, and of course, this storyline is currently taking place in the past. You know everything will be fine regardless, even despite that shocking as all hell ending.

…You really need to wear better sunscreen. You never know when those solar beams are going be killer on you.

Tony S. Daniel and Batt’s artwork continues to be just fine for the series. Characters look good for the most part besides the off looking facial expressions from time to time (a bit better here in some parts), the panel layouts are fine, the action looks good (especially the silhouette page in particular), some of the imagery is eye-catching, and I do find some of the colors to be striking at points. The issue looks good overall.

Is It Good?

Superman/Wonder Woman #6 is easily the best issue of the series to date, bringing in a lot excitement and intensity to the story while also having some decent relationship building and artwork to boot. Considering where the issue ended, I’m very much looking forward to how this arc closes out next time.

Is It Good? Superman/Wonder Woman #6 Review
Soule's writing is even stronger than usual.Characterization and dialogue is solid.
Cliffhanger, while definitely good, is not too worrying.Artwork still featuring weird faces and body physiques at points.
8.5Overall Score
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