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Community Review: Season 5 Episode 9 “VCR Maintenance and Educational Publishing”

It’s always fun to see Vince Gilligan on TV shows; good old Breaking Bad creator and X-Files alumni showing off his acting chops. You also get to see him as an actor in Pile of Bullets, a 90s VCR game about the Old West that is featured in season 5, episode 9 of Community: “VCR Maintenance and Educational Publishing.”


Simply put: this is a funny episode of Community. The aforementioned Pile of Bullets old west VCR game, and Annie’s brother… son of a b---h, IMDB doesn’t list it, hold on… oh, his name is Anthony, are the funniest parts. Abed and Annie use Pile of Bullets to decide whether Anthony or Abed’s new girlfriend Rachel will become a new roommate. The other plot has to do with some old text books that Jeff, Professor Hickey, Shirley and Britta find in a storage room. In both narratives we get to see a glimpse at the ugly side of the gang.


It’s interesting to note that Troy and Pierce have been off the show for a couple of episodes and I don’t actually miss them much. So that’s encouraging.

Is it Good?

The scenes with Pile of Bullets, Vince Gilligan, and Chang with a bong are worth rewatching, as is the Dean’s rap at the beginning…

But I’ve no desire to watch the rest of the episode again. Worth a watch, but not worth a rewatch for the whole thing = yeah, it’s good enough for an 8.0 rating, but barely.


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