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For some reason Sholly Fisch has taken over writing duties for Ann Nocenti with Catwoman #29. Will the new writer help this title rise from the depths of mediocrity or will Catwoman remain doomed to its sad existence. Is it good?

Catwoman #29 (DC Comics)


Catwoman has a job. She has to break into Taylor Pharmaceuticals during their big company party (said company is being bought out by WayneTech and everyone is getting bonuses) and steal the prototype for MR-40, a special chemotherapy drug that has minimal side effects. A simple job for a master thief like herself. However, not every job is exactly easy as it appears.

What’s your problem dude? It’s perfectly natural for women to bring black leather to events like this!

Of all the Catwoman issues I have read, I have to say that this one really gets who she is. She is a professional thief who is very competent at what she does and loves what she does, but also has her own moral and standards. This issue captures all of that perfectly well and feels like a real Catwoman story. It’s basically just her dong a heist and not much more than that, but it doesn’t need to be more. The story is perfect as it is and gives us the kind of tale that we have been missing for a while with our favorite femme fatale.

The writing by Sholly Fisch is well done and rather enjoyable. While the story is simple in scope, again, it does the job well with capturing the character of Catwoman and making the heist a lot of fun to watch, especially with the twist that happens during it. Dialogue and narration is also good, especially with the banter between the characters (though Catwoman’s narration got weird at one point where she is thinking about what is happening to her, suddenly starts speaking out loud, and then goes back to inner narration). It’s decently paced, the story flows well from page to page, the ending is enjoyable, and it honestly makes you want to read more about her and her adventures. I just kind of wish the rest of the series was more like this issue.

Oh, the irony! Haha.

The artwork is by Pat Olliffe again (I believe he is taking over for the run now) and the work he does is good. Having the same colorist, the book still has the same look as it did with the previous artist in a way which is fine. Characters look decent with no bad or wonky facial expressions. Layouts and backgrounds are good, though nothing too notable. Action and movement looks good, especially when Catwoman maneuvers around the electric eyebeams. It’s just a decent looking book all together.

Is It Good?

Catwoman #29 is a lot of fun and great issue. It gives a great depiction of Catwoman, an enjoyable and exciting heist, and with desire to see more stories like this. While we may not be getting any more stories like that for a while, we can at least have a good story to keep coming back. Definitely recommended.

Is It Good? Catwoman #29 Review
Great depiction of Catwoman.Good, enjoyable story.Solid artwork by Pat Olliffe.
Story is a bit simple in scope.
8.5Overall Score
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  • SelinaPyles

    So is Ann Nocenti gone for good or what?

    • Jordan Richards

      Sadly no. She’s back next issue and starting a new arc. This is an inventory issue, sort of filler incase the writer is having trouble keeping a schedule for some reason (Batgirl and Superman/Batman are having ones in the future).

      • SelinaPyles

        She must have some sort of connections at DC. Is there anyone that genuinely likes her stuff on Catwoman or have you seen any logical reviews that accentuate the skill in her craft or am I just missing something?

        • Jordan Richards

          She must have some connections at DC, because I don’t get how she continues writing this book when the reviews for it have been utterly awful. Even if you take out the fact that the book about Catwoman to remove any fanboyism, the writing would still be bad for basically any book. I don’t get it honestly.

          • SelinaPyles

            I believe she used to be an editor. Maybe because of this fact there is no one editing her work; perhaps her true calling is editing and not writing for Catwoman.

  • Adam

    This issue was very much a case of being so accustomed to absolute garbage that middle of the road mediocrity is a relief.
    I hate watching this character get killed by a terrible writer and a company that doesn’t seem to care. I would hate to see this book get cancelled, but with Nocenti on it, I just don’t see any other possibility unless a new, way above average writer takes over ASAP.

    • Jordan Richards

      I can see that, but I think this issue would be fine also as sort of a first issue to a new Catwoman series, since it gets the point across very well about what kind of character she is and what kind of stories we could be getting into. I honestly would recommend this issue to a fan of the character or someone who was interested in the character as well.

      • Adam

        Eh. The plot is weak, the heist sequence is very predictable, and I find her inner monologue pretty annoying (especially how it repeatedly goes out of its way unnecessarily to remind us that Selina LOVES SEX), and I’m bothered by how, ultimately, the story just doesn’t have anything to say other than “catwoman steals things and she likes sex and she has a modicum of good morals”, as if we didn’t already know literally all of this stuff. It’s okay to do that every so often, but it needs to be interspersed with stories that have actual character development and insight, of which Nocenti’s book has had exactly none. Without it, there’s just no reason to care about this character.
        And something about Oliffe’s art is really underwhelming to me. The book’s not all bad- it’s certainly a huge improvement over standard fare, but, y’know, nyeh.
        And I still can’t get over how the only change they made to her appearance in the new 52 was to give her a huge rack from back in the Jim Balent/John Ostrander days. It’s one thing to ignore what made the character work in the past, it’s another to deliberately bring back all the elements that didn’t for the sake of fan service. This character has much more potential than that.

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