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Is It Good? Superior Spider-Man #30 Review

We’re nearing the end of an era. With each new issue of Superior Spider-Man readers cheered just a little bit more. We’re nearing the end now and that cheering has turned to screams of ecstasy and some might say they don’t want Doc Ock to go. At the same time we’re all biting our nails to see how Peter might make his triumphant return. Is it good?

Superior Spider-Man #30 (Marvel Comics)

The Green Goblin has taken control of J.J. Jameson’s army of spider slayers and he’s using them to kill Spider-Man 2099 and SpOck. At the same time the same slayers are wreaking havoc throughout New York City. This issue kicks off with Green Goblin telling SpOck he can choose between saving our 2099 version of Spidey, or saving his girlfriend who has been recently kidnapped. We all know what he chooses (the slimey arrogant fool) and he runs off to save his girl, or at least attempt to.

What a bithead!

Writer Dan Slott sets up a dilemma for SpOck and he’s been slowly burning towards this dilemma for a few issues now. Basically he’s taken away all of SpOcks gadgets and army, leaving him bare. Now it’s just a man under the mask and it’s becoming clear he’s not as superior as he thought he was. With his love in danger he must make the ultimate decision in this issue and that’s namely to give up the mantle of Spider-Man. I have to say his choice is made rather quickly, even given all the buildup to this issue. This is partly because I had no idea how far this story would progress in this single issue because the last issue seemed to carry on as always. Instead there’s a major development in this issue which might upset a lot of folks. I won’t ruin it here, but the status quo is very much changing.

Without spoiling things I’m having a hard time with SpOck’s choice in this issue. He’s been fighting for so many issues and coming up with all these solutions, yet the second they fall apart he decides to give up? It seems out of left field for him to not even try. It’s a quibble, but it irked me how quickly things moved in this issue.

Go to the light Peter.

Artist Giuseppe Camuncoli does a bangup job with plenty of dream sequences that work, a nice double page spread introducing Peter back into the series and ghost Peter is back too. Most importantly he nails the emotional feels in the characters facial expressions.

Green Goblin likes to change things up.

Is It Good?

It ain’t bad, but it ain’t the greatest of issues. By issue’s end you’ll be psyched for the next chapter, but that’s mostly because this is a transition issue with some quick decisions made and not a lot of time spent on why they were made.


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