Valiant Entertainment has been doing a good job restablishing some classic B-list heroes from way back in the 90s. X-O continues to be rather good as he fights to keep his people, humans taken from Earth thousands of years ago but now living in 21st century Romania, and the suit on his back. Everyone wants it. But do you want this comic? Is it good?

X-O Manowar #24 (Valiant Entertainment)

This issue opens with X-O being attacked by a muscular alien wearing what appears to be half of a suit similar to X-O’s. You’d have to imagine if you’ve only got half a suit your chances are slim, but he is twice X-O’s size. What we have in this issue is a classic super battle between two powerhouses, exposition about X-O’s involvement with the government and…a rather exciting twist ending. There’s yet another threat for X-O to face shortly and it’s quite tantalizing, has similarities to Galactus and blows up the X-O mythos beyond belief. But that’s the twist, so most of this issue is a battle and some light exposition.

Summer fashion is already in.

This issue is written by Robert Venditti, and you gotta love the sparring scene. A couple things are done right, such as X-O not knowing what his suit can really do, being overpowered but not defeated and his consistent need to be a hero with honor. There’s also a nice page devoted to some average Joe guards talking the pointlessness of even trying to contain X-O. It brings the character down a notch into the reality realm that so many superhero books fail to attempt. It’s why books like Authority and the like are so good and it’s a nice touch here. The twist is inspired and should get all you super fans giddy.

Swords are sweet.

Mega props to artist Diego Bernard who makes the action sequence sing. It’s exciting in its ebb and flow and never fails to capture the energy in the fighting. The science fiction elements, like the alien or the organic suit, come off as realistic and true to the story as well. He has a detailed style with heavy inks that remind me of Marc Silvestri.

Test, your might!

Is It Good?

If the twist wasn’t so damn exciting this would be a so-so issue mainly because not a lot happens. Then again, that “not a lot” is exciting as hell. A great issue that has it all.

Is It Good? X-O Manowar #24 Review
Killer fight sequenceAmazing twist endingExciting art
Not a ton takes place
9.5Overall Score
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