Community part 1 of 2 finale. Yesh, yesh y’all. On it goes.

I don’t know, something about them making Greendale so great that it gets sold by the owners to Subway. And treasure or some s--t. The only entertaining part is pretty much just Abed running from the story, breaking the fourth wall. It’s still entertaining, but the formula is very tired at this point. The episode ends with Jeff and Britta deciding to get married. Really? A wedding? Guys, just… why Community, why?

Is it Good?

Just could not give a f--k what happens to this show. Everyone on the show is funny, especially the Dean, but I’m past giving a s--t about Greendale. And surprisngly, it has nothing to do with my favorite character (Troy), leaving. Community just seems like it should have stayed dead. Let it stay a damn Subway. Give the Dean his own spin-off. Just, I don’t know, whatever…

Community Review: Season 5 Episode 12 "Basic Story"
Some funny Abed stuffSubway stuff is funnyThe Dean
Feels very played outAnother forced sitcom wedding
7.5Overall Score
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