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Is It Good? Danger Girl: May Day #1 Review

It’s almost May, so bring on Danger Girl: May Day in all its glorious boobage! Yes, this series has always been about showing T&A with impossibly tiny waisted women, but hell it’s had some fun doing it. Think James Bond with three chicks and you get the idea. But sadly, there have been more misses than hits, so shall we go ahead and ask, is it good?

Danger Girl: May Day #1 (IDW Publishing)

The issue opens with a woman interrogating some men on a ship as to who is buying the cargo. They refuse to tell her, even under extreme duress, but as the ship comes close to a war-torn island the men change their tune. No, they don’t say a thing, but instead, when one of the Danger Girls lands on the deck, they take their own lives, biting down on cyanide pills. The very sight of the woman scares the men enough to kill themselves. A bit crazy, but stay with me. The story quickly goes into flashback mode and it’s pretty interesting, in a dream sequence-type dealio as we discover what the deal is with our Danger Girl.

Bubbly skin McGee?

This flashback kicks in 15 pages into the comic which is unfortunate because the 14 pages that open the book are rather boring. They don’t tell us much about the main character, who was interrogating the crew, and the details concerning the setting are vague at best. I will say though, if you can hold out for this flashback sequence and the ultimate twist you may just find yourself enjoying this book. The writing is done by Andy Hartnell and is generally okay. The problem is that the plotting is stagnant for the most part, and while the overarching story might be exciting and worth a look what we got here isn’t so much.

Setting the scene!

The art by John Royle does the job and does it well. He has a cartoony style that has just enough edge to keep things serious. He tends to pack the panels pretty tightly, but the pages aren’t stifled by it. This might be due to an adequate amount of close ups and medium shots to give the reader a spatial idea of what is going on. He also draws some wicked moons. This book is chock full of giant moons. Okay sure, that’s a bit of a silly thing to point out, but the point is the guy isn’t so literal that you’ll be thinking you’re looking at a photograph. The art is fun and fits a book of this caliber.

Gratuitous butt shots are mandatory for Danger Girl.

Is It Good?

As far as Danger Girl comics go…I’m pretty satisfied! There weren’t too many gratuitous shots for those of you who aren’t into that thing, and there’s a satisfying flashback sequence that took me by surprise. It’s too bad the first 14 or so pages really could have been boiled down to three or four, but clearly this was written with its four part series in mind.


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