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Is It Good? Star Wars: Legacy #14 Review

When I found out Marvel will be taking over the comic publishing duties for Star Wars I was rather bummed. Sure we are over a year from that day, but Legacy has been so good the last 13 issues I can’t help feel sad it’ll have to end. Of course, any title can be prone to throwing out a stinker. Star Wars: Legacy #14: Is it good?

Star Wars Legacy #14 (Dark Horse Comics)

Last issue Ania Solo, descendant of Han escaped from an assassin due to her ex-boyfriend showing up. This is the same boyfriend who kidnapped her over in issue #11, so take the word rescue as a grain of salt. Her friends are hot on her tail and have found the planet she’s on, and a high powered Imperial Knight is close to discovering she’s innocent of charges placed on her for killing an Jedi Knight. This issue opens with all these pieces in place and a nice glass rainstorm coming down on the planet.

Glass rain…yikes!

Written by Corinna Bechko, Gabriel Hardman, this issue goes a long way in the right direction of revealing Ania’s past. True, we get scant details, but they’re pulling us in the right direction. She’s an ex prisoner, she’s had to make hard choices, and there’s a backstory here that’s worth reading. What these guys have been doing exceptionally from minute one is giving the supporting cast their due. Each have their own quirks and interact in realistic ways. Basically it’s a team, so the dynamics between them are very important. The book is chock full of action, which is fun and entertaining, but without something to chew on, namely character, the book would be vapid. Not so here.

Badass shot.

There’s a follow up story after the book ends, probably to pad it out and allow for the $5.99 price tag, that ties up the Peter and family loose ends. This section is way too wordy and could have been reduced to a few summary paragraphs. It’s not very enjoyable and is all about setting things up. There is no drama here.

Artist Gabriel Hardman is a force. (Joke of the year.) The man knows how to layout a page, set up a panel and keep you on the edge of your seat. The mix of medium shots to close ups is adequately balanced to put you right there in the action. This issue has Ania discovering an abandoned station and it’s foreboding as hell. When she does discover some folks it’s gripping, largely because Hardman has an effective use of dark shadows in his ink work to imbue a sense of dread and dreariness. This is a universe that’s dark and broken and the only light comes from the characters. That makes you root for them all the more.

Tink, tink, tink, tink…

Is It Good?

Once again I’ve been pulled into this monthly story and I don’t want to ever leave. The single issues keep the tension up, the characters interesting and the story always moving forward. When this book is collected you’ll be in for a treat, but do yourself a favor and get in on it now. It’s worth it.


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