After an unbearable wait, ERB is back with the long anticipated TV show crossover. Rick Grimes v. Walter White. The VERY BATTLE that our very own David Brooke requested in a previous review is now on YouTube for all to watch. So yeah, we’re pretty excited.


Costumes and Effects

Sam: I always love the costumes in these battles, and this time wasn’t any different. Grimes was grimy and Walter White looked like he was plucked right out of the TV show. The make-up on both men was done superbly so that they really emanate the different circumstances they each live in.

Dave: Let’s face it, Walter is pretty basic and easy to do, to the point where nailing it is a no brainer. Same goes for Rick really, but he looks a bit better, probably because of the grit and dirt on his face. Overall nice job replicating the characters.



Sam: Strong lyrics, especially for Walter White. Lots of very well written Breaking Bad references that fit nicely together. And although Rick had lines that sounded very much like something he would say in the show (awesome CARL! bit), there just weren’t that many TWD references mixed in. Armpit stains? The crew? Never heard either mentioned in the show. They just don’t match up to the face-off metaphors and “dude smoothie” insults Walter White drops that really have relevance to the show.

Dave: I like how the zombies go from Rick’s story to Walter’s and there’s some so-so digs related to each of their stories plots. Overall it’s pretty tame. I do love how Walter’s portion starts with him trying to talk his way out of it before going into evil mode. Nice touch there.

Beat and Background Music

Sam: Loved the beat, especially how it went in and out to meet either the slow, lyrical elements of the rapping and the quicker, more beat-heavy bits. The best part had to be how the team managed to incorporate the bang-bang of Rick’s gunshots into the songs beat, it’s a much more advanced musical touch than we’ve gotten used to in these rap battles.

Dave: Nice slow beat to keep things flowing. It’s not as violent as other rap battles but it gets the job done.


Delivery and Characterization

Dave: I’m not sure Walter should have been played so venomously. One of the keys to Walter in the show was ruthlessness sure, but one of the best aspects of the character was his doubt and worry. None of that here. I thought Rick was a bit too cocksure too. He’s coming off a little too slick here.

Sam: I agree with Dave in that Walt did come off as too evil, however, his grimacy, ruthless nature allowed for some pleasing expression. The “samuri booty” line was a particularly well articulated and accented line, for example.

Rick was too haughty for the kind of defeated, desperate character he’s become in the show, however Nice Peter nailed the strained southern accent.


Who won?

Sam: Walter White, harder hits, more allusions.

Dave: Walter had stronger digs that’s for sure, which makes him the winner. Give it to the man, he’s SPOILER dead anyway.

Who’s next?

Sam: Harry Potter vs. Joffrey Baratheon, and give the Hound a little feature in that one too.

Dave: I’m thinking Spider-Man versus Wolverine…two top superheroes right now right?