He’s black and he’s dyno-mite and recently sent to Guantanamo. It’s about to get real; is it good?

Black Dynamite #2 (IDW Publishing)

This issue opens with Black Dynamite chained down and waiting to be freed. He gets some freedom and quickly finds out the folks who captured him want him to join their forces. They’re the Illuminati and need some badass mofos to take on the world. Yes, they are mostly made up of “crackers,” but BD is a hero for hire, why not join them? Thing is, BD has made some bad choices in the past and ain’t looking to doing it again.

”the man” sucks!

This issue is written by two dudes, Brian Ash and Yassir Lester, and is simple, at least as far as the action goes. Once the main plot is revealed however, there’s plenty of edgy bits like the word “cracker” used over and over. The action gets pretty gory too and the overall reveal of the bad guys is cool considering the very human character. The Illuminati, much like Hydra in Marvel Comics, is your stereotypical blanket villain to hate. There isn’t much to them, but considering “the man” has always been an absolute bad guy to revile — it makes sense. As far as character development there isn’t any, but considering the character is an arrogant and stubborn dude it’s not expected.

Red and green…cool line.

The art by Marcelo Ferreira is solid. The layouts work too with all the exceptional badassery on display. The Ben-day dot work helps age the book a bit too, giving it that 70’s vibe they’re going for. The gore is comical too, which is sometimes hard to do, but should garner a chuckle. No offense to the B-nature character, but considering the artist he’s getting better than what he’s worth.


Is It Good?

This is a fun book that should interest anyone who wants a slightly edgy book with great action scenes. It’s tongue in cheek at moments but always aware of itself. Nice stuff.

Is It Good? Black Dynamite #2 Review
Great looking actionTongue in cheek and funny moments
Takes a bit to kick start itselfEnemy is a cliche
8Overall Score
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