Hinterkind starts a brand new arc this month; let’s see where it takes us. Is it good?

Hinterkind #7 (Vertigo Comics)


Our protagonists continue on their journey across America and trouble starts mounting for them. The monsters, Star and Jubal, who are taking Asa to sell as a slave, are ambushed by an angry group of cenutars. When Prosper attempts to force Jon Hobb to take her to where Star is going to sell he grandfather, she collapses due to an infection. Meanwhile, Princess Tersia wakes up after nearly being killed in an assassination attempt on her mother’s life, but the truth behind it may be more surprising than one may expect.

My beautiful black butterfly wings! Now they don’t match anymore! Damn you!

What a solid start to a new arc. We were given a new direction for where the series is going with the characters that are quite interesting, with some quality character development on top of it. Speaking of which, the character development and addition of backstory for some of the characters, like Tersia and Jon Hobb, is greatly appreciated and helps add some more dimension to them. The comic is also starting to connect more of storylines together and seems to imply something big on the horizon when certain characters meet each other. Not a bad way overall to kick off the new arc.

Ian Edginton’s writing is even stronger this time around. The dialogue is good and greatly bolsters characterization and development. The pacing is just right and every scene is interesting in its own way and adds to the story and characters instead of feeling like filler. There’s also more world and mythology building, which is always welcome. Overall, the writing is stronger than usual and it makes me hopeful for the future with the comic.

Originally, when I saw this, I was worried that we were about to see a reenactment of The Ultimates 3.

The artwork by Francesco Trifogli always remains a bit iffy for me. It’s perfectly fine, but it’s not particularly great a lot of the time either. The designs of the creatures and the violence and action look pretty good overall. The characters look fine along with the scenery and layouts, even if they are a bit bland. Looking back on the series, the linework has become a bit smoother and less scratchy (as in, it looks more finished and polished in areas) and that’s rather nice. The coloring and shading is still on the bland and flat side, but it becomes a bit more dynamic and stood out more during the dream sequence.

Is It Good?

Hinterkind #7 is a great return for a comic, stepping up the quality in both the writing and artwork departments. The new story and subplots are interesting and the characters are becoming more fleshed out. It’s a rather enjoyable experience and hopefully one that the title can keep up through the upcoming months.

Is It Good? Hinterkind #7 Review
A solid start for a new arc with interesting, new storylines.The characters are getting more developmentThe writing and artwork has improved in different areas
Artwork is a bit boring and bland in areas
8.5Overall Score
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