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Is It Good? Original Sin #1 Review

The new Marvel summer event is here and it’s called Original Sin. The Watcher opens the book but doesn’t make it to the end. Is it good?

Original Sin #1 (of 8) (Marvel Comics)

If you missed issue #0, I’ll fill you in: Issue #0 focused on Nova and his meeting The Watcher. It was revealed Watcher tried to help an entire planet and gave them nuclear power. After booming and successfully ending hunger and disease they blew themselves up and The Watcher took responsibility. Since then he’s only watched. The issue ended with the foreboding concept of Watcher possibly dying and telling Nova that his dad was still alive. Nova doesn’t appear in this issue, but the implications in that issue should be noted when uncovering the murder mystery this event is taking on.


The issue opens with a brief intro of The Watcher, then cuts to Cap, Wolverine, Nick Fury and Black Widow eating at a diner and talking about steak. Widow is adamant bear steak would be better, but Cap and Nick quickly shoot her down with a story from World War 2 that adds just enough color to spice things up. They quickly get called to the Moon and The Watcher is found dead. As far as murder mysteries go there are a ton of tiny details that are brought up to keep you guessing. Writer Jason Aaron does a great job with character tinges that add a bit of flavor to the dark and brooding story going on. Since this is a mystery, Aaron quickly establishes that everyone is a suspect, and of course Nick Fury of all people probably shouldn’t be trusted. There’s an Illuminati vibe going through this book that makes even the staunchest heroes unnerving.

Ultimate Nullifier stickup!

Aaron then goes into team building mode, with Nick Fury handing the detective role over to Black Panther who then pulls together odd combinations of heroes to serve as detectives who report to him. Ever wanted to see Emma Frost work with Ant Man? You got it! Punisher and Dr. Strange? Yup, you get that too. Obviously Marvel is mixing it up for the fun of it, but it serves a story purpose too. When anyone can be the shooter why not make things a little less comfortable for them and team them up with odd combos?

The art by Mike Deodato Jr. is good, but very very dark. There isn’t a scene that’s not cast in heavy shadows. Even a fight sequence during the day with Spidey and The Thing has shadows galore. We get it, this is a murder mystery, but please, don’t make it all so morbid in its color. Aside from that, everything is very sharp and clean.

What did we do?! Note the green glowing thing…similar color and size to the bullet that killed Watcher. Gasp!

Is It Good?

As far as event books go Aaron knocked this issue out of the park. Usually there’s a ton of exposition to get through, but this issue balances character and plot effectively. Recommended.


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