Central Wisconsin manages to get creepier and creepier with every passing issue of Revival. What new horror awaits our heroes in this new issue? Is it good?

Revival #20 (Image Comics)

So many things going on, not enough time to discuss them all. Dana Cypress is met by the FBI, who are curious about whatever happened to the Check brothers after a recent, deadly mugging in New York. Em meets with a fellow reviver named Rhodey, a daredevil with a taste for pain. Meanwhile, Sheriff Wayne Cypress meets with Mayor Ken at his home, where he discovers the mayor has been hiding something of his own.

I mean, that octopus isn’t even looking at the couple as it’s trying to kill them! Just awful!

It’s always hard to discuss Revival in my humble opinion. Not because it is poorly written or anything; heavens no, it’s extremely well written and better put together than almost any Image book currently out there. It’s just that it’s like Chew in the way that every issue is always good and there’s never any dip in quality on any front, which makes it hard to discuss since you end up saying the same things every single issue.

The writing is tight with a strong story that has many subplots and characters masterfully interweaved throughout the book. Every subplot gets attention almost every issue and never overshadows any of the others, leading to a very filling and engaging issue. Characters are all developed well with their own personalities, traits, and behaviors that define them well. The new characters and storylines that have appeared or get more development in this issue, such as the new character Rhodey and his deal, are quite interesting and makes you want to know more about them. The character work and emotions feel real and help you get to know the cast and care more about them. There’s really never been a weak or disappointing issue yet because of how good the writing is and hopefully, the series can keep it up as time goes on.

I never expected the second coming of Jesus would involve him showing up in a restaurant getting dinner.

The same goes with the artwork; it’s always good. The characters look fine, even if some have similar looking faces. The locations and settings are always drawn well, the layouts are easy to read and follow, the gore and violence always has real impact and shock to it, and the coloring and inking are good as usual. The artwork is good and there’s not much more that can be said about it.

Is It Good?

Revival #20 is what you come to expect from the series: fantastic writing and storytelling along with fine artwork that really seals the deal. This is not only an amazing horror comic, but a comic with characters with real humanity and emotion to them that can easily make you care about them. If you are not reading this series, you are easily missing out one of the best comics out there.

Is It Good? Revival #20 Review
Strong storylines and characters.Good writing and artwork overall.
Not for the squeamish.Some storylines do not progress as much as others.
9Overall Score
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