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Is it Good? Goof #3 Review

Even though I had several questions about the morality of this comic’s protagonist and wasn’t sure that he should even be a protagonist, I decided to keep reading Goof. Were the offensive and downright creepy aspects of this comic eliminated? Or will Goof #3 be equally morally wrong? Is it good?

Goof #3 (New Worlds Comics)

All questions about morality aside, there are a lot of funny and endearing aspects of this comic. The Goof slips up in funny ways, his niece is spunky and adorable and the erection jokes are pretty darn hilarious. This book is definitely worth its cover price just for the lols.

And this creative team clearly knows what they’re doing. Guy’s writing is poignant and clear. The humor is witty and clever and you really do feel like you are experiencing each fail as if you were The Goof himself. The dialogue has this wonderfully messy feel to it as every move Captain Gorgeous makes trying to fix something ends up perpetuating his quickly deteriorating situation.

If I’m not mistaken, there was an artistic change between issues 1 & 2, or at least the current artist changed things up a little bit. In either case, the art is simply put, a joy. Borja Pindado brings a stylistic, cartoony-yet-somewhat-dark art style to the table that makes this comic pop. There is an amazing sense of motion throughout the whole comic but yet the unrealistic imagery is still comical. Especially the coloring and line-work during the conversation between The Goof’s publicist and niece, which gave the scene a nice moody feeling.

Now let’s address the question that’s been waiting to be answered since the start of this review: has The Goof changed his downright wrong behavior stalking the girl he has a crush on? Well, not exactly, but at least she forgives him. In a misunderstanding, the girl he was stalking misunderstood his behavior as an audition rather than just a self-indulgent sin. I guess this is good because the girl doesn’t hold any hostility towards The Goof, but it certainly does not excuse The Goof’s behavior. I hope going forward we can really see The Goof try to do right, not just be bailed out by luck.

Is It Good?

This comic is certainly funny and does seem to be a step up in moral consciousness than the debut issue, but I still can’t say that I agree with the author’s decision to have his clear protagonist do something so wrong. I will definitely keep reading for love of the author’s witty dialogue and the artist’s prowess. I am not ready to recommend this book quite yet, but I can say that I enjoyed reading it.


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