In last month’s issue, the “plot twist” was telegraphed from a mile away. This month, it’s here and ready to smack you right in the face. Is it good?

Star Wars #17 (Dark Horse Comics)


The issue opens with an imperial probe droid heading inside the Arrochar royal palace. Unfortunately, the plot takes quite a nose dive from there.

Luke is betrayed by the Arrochar ranger team he was sent out with by the Arrochar military commander (GASP!). He also hears Obi-Wan talking to him, who ends up not doing a whole lot to help. Despite some lightsaber badassery, Luke is forced over a mountain cliff…and barely manages to hang onto the edge.

Above him, the soldiers look over where he fell, decide that Luke’s probably dead, and move on to the next part of their government’s sinister plan.

Even though Star Wars > Star Trek for me, I gotta go with Picard’s sentiments on that plot contrivance.

Back in Arrochar proper, the wedding between Leia and the price is about to take place. There are lots of government officials in attendance with evil grins on their faces (just in case you’d forgotten that they were going to betray the Rebel Alliance). Meanwhile, Han Solo whines about his crush getting hitched while the prince whines about being nervous.

Can this plotline please just die?

Back on the mountain, Luke does a nifty trick with his blaster to take out the dumbass troops who thought he was dead. Unfortunately, one of them has a clear shot to take him out…until a deus ex machina Ardana (Luke’s Rogue Squadron wingman he almost killed while pouting about Leia) shows up out of nowhere to rescue him.

Luke hitches a ride to Leia’s wedding, where more people are standing around with evil grins on their faces. A few minutes later, the Arrochar military commander detonates a bomb while the planet is surrounded by Imperials (GASP!).

Is It Good?

Ugh… can this plotline please just die?

I’m really glad that this isn’t the last Star Wars arc for Brian Wood, because it would be a terrible way to end his and Dark Horse’s legendary run.

The issue has a few redeeming qualities, like Stephane Crety’s wonderful art (sans the cartoonish evil grins on all the villains faces) and some good action sequences. The plot, unfortunately, is so contrived and ridiculous it makes the entire thing very unenjoyable to read.

Is It Good? Star Wars #17 Review
Great art by CretySome decent action sequencesThis story arc is almost over
EVERYTHING in this story arc is telegraphed from a mile awayThe story embraces two incredibly ridiculous ways to rescue our hero from certain death
2Overall Score
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