Amazing Spider-Man not only got a #1 issue last month, but it was also an extremely tight and well-balanced issue. It was jam packed with shorts that didn’t necessarily blow me away, but they were all interesting new beginnings. With everything set in motion, how is issue #2? Is it good?

Amazing Spider-Man #2 (Marvel Comics)

Last month Peter Parker was getting acclimated to being in his body. Oh, not sure what happened in Superior Spider-Man? Read this:

We left off last issue with Peter in the hands of Doc Ock’s girlfriend who wanted answers. He’s already playing catch up and has to explain to the woman SpOck was in love with that he’s not the same man. That could be a rough convo, no?

This issue spends a majority of its time regarding this previous relationship and Peter’s explanation. Essentially Dan Slott is setting up a new character dynamic to play with and it should be a lot of fun to see it progress. By issue’s end we find out they are going to continue to live with each other, that Peter may need her to keep his corporation afloat and she’s generally okay with the idea that Doc Ock is gone, at least on the surface. This issue also deals with Spider-Man explaining himself to the Avengers and then taking on a very upset Electro.


The Electro portion is just okay. He’s lost, abandoned by his bad guy buddies and finds solace with an old friend. His powers are on the fritz, due to SpOck meddling with them, which of course is going to put him in a bad mood when Electro hurts his friend. It’s all a bit run-of-the-mill though, and seems to be a matchup simply because Electro is in the recent movie. I suppose there are some interesting guilt elements at play since SpOck did this to him, but it’s not as complicated or interesting as anything we saw in Superior.

We also get a moment between Johnny Storm and Peter as they recap and talk about his body switch. It’s funny to think Johnny can talk about how he died and came back as if that’s totally normal, which does make Spider-Man’s body switch at least a little comprehensible and real. If you live in a world where dying is something you can come back from, how big a deal is a body switch?

The art by Humberto Ramos is quite good as always. Dramatic, interesting and compelling. He draws a very young looking Captain America and the battle with Electro is funny and filled with energy.

That’s pretty funny.

Is It Good?

Overall this is a decent issue that won’t blow you away. There are some tantalizing character dynamics at play that are building and should be fun to read, but the Electro bits are been-there-done-that.

Is It Good? Amazing Spider-Man #2 Review
Strong art as always from RamosInteresting new character dynamic between Peter and SpOck's girlfriend
Electro story is run of the mill
7.5Overall Score
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