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Is It Good? Danger Girl: May Day #2 Review

Danger Girl will forever be remembered as James Bond with T&A. It’ almost as if someone said, “the Bond babes aren’t enough…how about the babes replace Bond!” And so they did, and it was good, for a while, but since then there’s been some iffy miniseries coming out on a consistent basis. How is this latest series, though? Is it good?

Danger Girl: May Day #2 (IDW Publishing)

Last issue Natalia Kassle, the traitor that betrayed the Danger Girls, was found with her memory gone. A pirate realized who she was—one of the most dangerous women in the world—and decides to take her to a tropical paradise to get her back into fighting mode and use her for her own purposes. With a clean slate she’s training, which is the main focus of this issue, plus we get some much needed info on the big bad that’ll be our focus in issues to come.

Who still calls it that?

Overall this is a good issue by writer Andy Hartnell. The stakes are raised when we find out what the bad guys are up to, there’s still a bit of mystery as far as the true intentions of the pirate, and Natalia has become a more dynamic character. Go figure; you give a character amnesia and they become far more interesting. Wolverine would know, right? There’s also an interesting dynamic afoot when it comes to Natalia finding her mojo. She’s clearly a good guy now, she even says she should have been killed if she did such bad things, but in order to get her fighting skills back she has to remember the leader of Danger Girl. This puts her in a rage, but also sees her kick some major ass. This is something to keep an eye on moving forward and makes her that much more interesting.

Anyone reading this and doesn’t know about Danger Girl is probably in the wrong place.

The art by John Royle is quite good, save for the rediculously stupid hips on the women and one page that has Natalia standing impossibly over the pirate woman. First off, the pirate in the panel prior is standing higher on some stairs, then we cut to the image below and Natalia is hovering over here all to show a between the legs shot. Royle probably had the drawing, liked it, and decided to just stick it in there like nobody would notice. It’s jarring and tasteless, but the rest of the book is sharp, colorful and interesting. The guy draws a mean moon (it’s oddly hairy…but huge) and the layouts are easy to follow and interesting.

What an impossibly stupid angle.

Is It Good?

Yes it’s good. A decent issue that is balanced and keeps your interest in a variety of ways.


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