Fellow Adventures in Poor Taste reviewer Dave took a look at the first issue of Elektra and absolutely loved it. Now it’s my turn to jump in and see what this new book from All New Marvel NOW! is like. Is it good?

Elektra #2 (Marvel Comics)


Elektra’s hunt for Cape Crow brings her to Monster Island to check out one of his old hideouts. However, she is not the only one on the island searching for Crow; two other hunters/assassins by the names of Scalphunter and Lady Bullseye are there hunting for Cape Crow as well and they may prove to be difficult foes for our girl Elektra. Meanwhile, there’s yet another assassin named Bloody Lips out hunting Crow and getting a good monologue about his powers going.

Now, a runaway jeep once driven by a pissed off SHIELD agent with no abilities on the other hand…

…that ought to do the trick!

W. Haden Blackman (previous co-writer of Batwoman, which is why I was attracted to this title in the first place) delivers a very enjoyable, light on story, but heavy on the exposition and action tale that is certainly something else. The majority of my experience with Elektra comes from her stint in Thunderbolts (which didn’t feel that accurate to begin with considering the humor and the seriousness of most of the characters). However, this comic does feel like it is doing the character justice with its more serious portrayal of her. Plus, the title does a fine job of showing why she is such a great character with her intelligence and fighting prowess on full display.

The writing here by Blackman is solid. The dialogue and narration is fine for the most part, but it can get monologue or exposition heavy at certain points, which kind of slows down the pacing (most specifically, the scenes towards the end when not much is happening). The pacing on the book suffers in those areas, but is good in others, especially before, during, and after the fight scene. The characters are unique and memorable, with most of them leaving a good impression on you with their abilities, actions, or just their personality and design. The only real downside with the writing here that I found is a rather strange and out of place tonal shift that really threw me off. It doesn’t match the seriousness nature or tone that the book is going for.

Seriously comic? YOLO man? You didn’t think I’d notice?

If there is one thing that almost everyone agrees on when it comes to this comic, it is the artwork and Mike Del Mundo’s work is simply beautiful; the painted colors, layouts, characters, visual flare, and impressive looking fight scenes that just take your breath away. The book just looks fantastic and even if the writing was somehow awful, the artwork could almost sell the book alone.

Is It Good?

Elektra #2 a fantastic looking book that is backed up with some decent writing. Easily one of Marvel’s best new debuts since Black Widow and a book to certainly watch as time goes on. If you have the cash — it’s time to invest in a new series.

Is It Good? Elektra #2 Review
Good, memorable cast of characters.Good writing overall.Gorgeous presentation and imagery in the book.
Pacing takes a hit in certain areas. Tonal shift at one point really does not fit the book remotely.
9Overall Score
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