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Is It Good? Justice League #30 Review

Time to move forward now that Forever Evil has bitten the dust. It’s a new day and a brand new direction for Justice League, along with some new characters on the team. Is it good?

Justice League #30 (DC Comics)

The Crime Syndicate has fallen. The Justice League’s popularity has dropped a bit since being unable to stop the Syndicate. Lex Luthor on the other hand has only gotten more popular. What now for our heroes?

That is totally the face of a man who is humble, folks.

This definitely has the feel of a new beginning after a big event has shaken things up and I for one find myself very interested in what happens from here. The new plotlines started up are intriguing and a great continuation from where Forever Evil left off (except for two rather big things which I can’t bring up due to spoilers). I especially like the idea of Lex Luthor trying to join the Justice League now that he is super popular, since I’m very interested in what angle he is trying to play here. There is a lot of potential with this storyline and I hope to see it go on for quite a while, especially with the turn it takes in the cliffhanger ending this issue.

With the rest of the writing, it’s pretty good outside of a few points. The dialogue and narration are great, with some really solid lines that really fit the characters or are pretty amusing. The story is basically all setup and getting this new direction going, but it is still intriguing like mentioned. The pacing and story structure are fine, with no odd hiccups in the storytelling. Then there is the characterization, and this is where things get a bit problematic. Most of the characters feel pretty accurate and true to who they are, especially with Lex Luthor who is fantastic here. No, the issue is with Wonder Woman, who has been questionably portrayed throughout this run and it’s no exception here, with her worse than usual bloodlust and brutality that really does not match her character at all.

Oh Wonder Woman, you so stabby.

The artwork is delivered to us by both Ivan Reis and Doug Mahnke and it’s an odd combination here. It’s not that they are bad artists at all (Mahnke’s work here looks better than usual due to Scott Hanna’s inking), it’s just that their work really doesn’t look a thing like one another, so when the comic switches artists, it’s quite apparent. Both are capable artists and do solid work here, with some great action, character work, and layouts that help make the comic look good, but it’s still a bit strange to read due to the difference in style. The only other thing that felt off was Ivan Reis’ artwork due to having a different inker on it. It’s hard to explain, but it doesn’t have the same feel or look to it that makes Ivan’s work so appealing.

Is It Good?

Justice League #30 is a great return and new direction for the series after the events of Forever Evil. Where it is going and what new storylines that are developing are intriguing, along with having some great writing and artwork for the most part. It has some problems that hold it back from being super good, but there is plenty to like with the comic and more than enough to make you curious about where exactly it is heading.


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