Hey everyone, it’s pony time! This time, we turn our attention to the newer series, My Little Pony: Friends Forever. It’s a team up book where two characters from the series get together to do something fun, work together, or have an adventure. Today’s team up is Fluttershy and Zecora. Is it good?

My Little Pony: Friends Forever #5 (IDW Publishing)

It’s another bright day in Ponyville and Fluttershy is busy cleaning up her home. When she chats up a squirrel, she is surprised to find out that squirrel chats right back. To her own shock and amazement, every animal (well, besides the obvious ponies) can talk! Is this really happening or has she gone crazy? With only one way to find out, Fluttershy goes to talk to Zecora to see if she has an answer to explain all of this.

What Fluttershy here is experiencing is a case of Dr. Dolittle Syndrome.

Like with Micro-Series from last year, Friends Forever deals in simple one-shot stories involving the character, this issue included. It’s a simple little mystery tale that is ultimately very fun to read, with Zecora and Fluttershy trying to figure out exactly what the deal is with her new ability to hear animals. Its writing is good all around, capturing the pacing and structure of an episode of the TV show. The humor isn’t as strong or rapid paced liked other stories or one-shots, but it is still on point with quite a few good gags to it. The highlight of the humor would have to be Zecora using different tests on Fluttershy, like ink blots to even a saying the alphabet backwards like a sobriety test cops use.

For fans of the show, there are some points to touch on here. All of the characterization is solid and does match up with the characters at this point in the TV series. In fact, this issue could almost be seen as a direct continuation of one of the episodes from the third season. Sure, the comic is non-canon from what I’ve heard, but it’s something that if you are fan of the show, you’ll definitely appreciate. Also, the rhyming by Zecora (her defining trait) is handled well outside of a few odd or non-rhymes at the beginning of her appearance.

The artwork is done by Tony Fleecs, a regular of the My Little Pony comic scene (he has done covers and drawn issues of both Micro-Series and Friends Forever comics), and his work here is fine. The characters are drawn fine and don’t seem off (except for one), there’s a good sense of comedic timing with the expressions and imagery in the book, the colors are flat but do feel right at home with the series, and the layouts make it easy to follow (though a bit bland, with nothing really creative like other issues). This artwork is just fine overall.

Is It Good?

My Little Pony: Friends Forever #5 is an enjoyable one-shot that’ll certainly please the fans of the series and those looking for something bright and upbeat. Worth time if you or someone you know is a fan of Fluttershy and Zecora.

Is It Good? My Little Pony: Friends Forever #5 Review
Captures the spirit and feel of the show quite well.Characters and humor were good.Artwork was decent.
Only fans appreciate some of the elements.A few minor nitpicks here and there.
8.5Overall Score
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