Two weeks ago The Watcher was murdered and the Avengers arrived on the scene to do some detective work. Well, that is until Cap said they don’t do detective work…okay…which lead us to a mysterious man coming up with teams to figure out who did the deed. Issue #2 is here, is it good?

Original Sin #2 (Marvel Comics)

I’m not sure if this issue is good or just middle of the road. This is a quintessential “table setting” or “moving pieces into place” issue, as it functions largely to set up events that are likely going to be more exciting or meaningful in the upcoming issues. That said, things flow nicely from the last issue. We get to sit in on some of the team ups and their investigations, but scant details are delivered beyond very small pieces. Certainly nobody is going to solve this mystery by the end of issue #2.

Nice quip Nick!

We open with Emma Frost, Ant Man and Black Panther at the center of the Earth. How this ties into the murder plot remains to be seen, but it’s interesting nonetheless. We also cut to Dr. Strange and Punisher who are in some alternate dimension. Again, not much is resolved. The character dynamics are on display though, although there aren’t quite as many cute and or interesting flourishes in this issue as the last.

Writer Jason Aaron spends the majority of time in this issue either hanging out with the villains or following the Avengers as they track down Mindless Ones. There’s a huge amount of dialogue at one point, recapping what happened last issue with Iron Man and Bruce Banner sitting in some kind of control room. There’s a bit of humor as Iron Man doesn’t have pants, but it’s an exasperating page that slows things down, especially for those who read the last issue.


When we do cut to the villains most of their time is spent giving us scant details on what exactly they’re doing. They’re speaking cryptically, which is odd because they are alone, but it’s done obviously to keep the mystery under wraps. There’s not a lot of answers, but then again, we do get some key info on the stolen eye. I won’t ruin it here, but it screams of House of M material. We’ll see how it unfolds next issue.

The art by Mike Deodato Jr. is quite good and isn’t as dark and brooding as last issue. There’s still a ton of shadow, so maybe it’s growing on me, but it does help when you cut to an alternate magic dimension filled with color. It’s also heavily brightened when we cut to the Avengers surrounding the bad guys hideout. Overall it’s very detailed and strong all around.

Observations: how is Ice Man’s ice bridge floating in the air like that? Crazy boob/ass shot on Storm, no? Thor looks like he’s flying here.

Is It Good?

All around this is a table setting issue that revealed little but the implications of the final page are kind of huge, albeit something we’ve seen before it does play out as it appears to be. That said, it looks great and adequately sets up the next issue.

Is It Good? Original Sin #2 Review
The art is exceptional, albeit a little darkWe get new details on the Watcher eye at least
Nobody thinks it's weird The Thing is kidnapped by the bad guys?!Very much a setup issue
7Overall Score
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