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Is it Good? Zero #8 Review

This epic spy thriller just keeps hurtling forward with a plot so intense and insane it’s hard to keep track of sometimes. Still, I enjoy the ride. Every issue Ales Kot pushes the boundaries of storytelling just that much more and month after month I keep coming back, ravenous for more. Well, let’s see what he’s got in store for us this month…is it good?

Zero #8 (Image Comics)

This issue is dominated by an epic shootout taking place out in the woods somewhere in which Sara Cooke is the prime target. And after the crazy bombshell that was dropped last issue, you know s--t’s about to go down.

The trick to nailing a great action scene in the comic book medium is giving readers a feeling of the overall scope of a battle, while still instilling a feeling of suspense so that the reader can be surprised. You certainly don’t want to alienate readers by flipping through perspectives endlessly; you want to make sure to show them what is happening in a linear, understandable way that will really showcase the story you are trying to tell.

It’s abundantly clear that Ales Kot knows all this. He presents to us an action scene like no other, something you yearn for from a video game but smoother and more real. Sure there’s that juicy, delicious suspense I mentioned earlier, but there is also a confusing frenzy of action for the first part of the fight. But even if things get a little hectic and out of control, Ales Kot steers clear of anything that might alienate the reader. He captures the frenzy, but also keeps us in the know in terms of what’s happening. If you slow down and really take your time flipping through this action scene I promise a rewarding and fun experience.

So, we have a nice use of format and some sweet action, how’s the story? I’d say it’s pretty good. Zero is a very mystic and almost angelic figure in this story which really gives him a mysterious feel. I love how the story is progressing in clearly defined chapters instead of trying to cover every character’s story in one chapter. I love checking in with a different character each month and certainly love seeing where Edward Zero is at.

Last month’s artist wasn’t up to snuff, or so I thought, but Zero #8 sports a very cool new art style. This guy’s a little more rigid and dynamic than some of the other stuff we’ve seen before. Lots of sharp, jutting lines and harsh lighting make this a very atmospheric comic. Although it’s not my favorite art on the book yet, it certainly makes this issue just that much more intense.

Is It Good?

Yeah, definitely. If not one of the better issues of Zero, still a great comic. I loved how the action was handled and continue to love Kot’s characters and the story he is telling. In fact, I love Zero so much that today I bought the trade paperback at my store, even after reading all the digital issues. Keep it up Image!


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