It’s no mystery this is my favorite series on the shelf, but that doesn’t mean it can’t make a mistake, trip, fall and crack its skull open. Having read this issue there hasn’t been any brains flowing from that cracked skull, but damn is this issue a bump on the head. Is it good?

Star Wars: Legacy #15 (Dark Horse Comics)

Ania Solo is on the run because she’s wrongly accused of murdering an Imperial Knight. Caught in an acid rain storm… she’s surely doomed. At the same time a masked bounty hunter is after her, her friends are stranded in space unable to help due to the storm and an Imperial Knight is nearby but incapacitated. This issue picks up there and it’s very much a concluding chapter, unfortunately it’s concluding much too quickly.

The major issue is how fast things come to a head. We’ve been given a slow unveiling of details… so to have them all drop at once is more an exhausting experience than a fully satisfying one. The revelations also read like a laundry list because they need to get plot points over with and move on to the next arc. It’s unfortunate, because usually this comic is paced so damn well. It is nice to have resolutions of course, but when done in this way it’s just one big release of pressure and not much payoff. The twist at the end is a big disappointment too. For close to 10 issues we’ve seen a slow boil of how Jao and Darth Wredd may meet and to have it go down like this is simply lazy.


It does do a few things right. First off is seeing Ania and AG have a touching moment as he asks her to turn him off. A cold robot bounty hunter, it’s been a real joy seeing him connect with the human characters over the series. The moment he has with Ania is genuine and helps build the team that is in this series. The second is how Ania takes out the bounty hunter. I won’t ruin it here, but damn is that a hilariously brutal way to go.

As always the art is exceptional though, as Gabriel Hardman can do no wrong in my book. The layouts are always captivating and he has an incredible handle on atmosphere. There are some full page spreads that are so damn good they deserve to be framed on a wall somewhere. If for nothing else flip through this book to see the exceptional art and colors.

Is It Good?

When the writing is so consistently good it’s glaring when things don’t go as well. The standards are raised of course, but this issue is too much about capping things off when it could have used another issue to let things flow.

Is It Good? Star Wars: Legacy #15 Review
The story gets a conclusionArt is always spot on
The story gets a very abrupt conclusion that could have used more time to breath
7.5Overall Score
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