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Is It Good? The Wake #9 Review

I was going to review the 8th issue of this mini-series but I wasn’t able to get a copy until it was too late. I liked it, but it was the weakest issue of the run so far. However, now I’ve got the penultimate issue of mini-series right in front of me — and hopefully the series can recover from that minor slip-up. Is it good?

The Wake #9 (Vertigo)


Leeward and the rest of the Argo 3 make their way through a barrage of danger-filled trails to the location of the Beacon. A long journey — but they may finally have found the solution to their mermaid problem… or maybe not. Either way…

…it certainly will be cold in their destination.

This issue was a bit of a tease. Sure, we find out the truth about the Beacon, get a surprise callback to an earlier issue, and the ending is great; but it feels like we missed out on some exciting adventures or when we are about to get the truth on everything… we don’t.

Example: Leeward has a journal where she details the adventures she and the rest of the crew have been experiencing. These moments sound exciting and the brief glimpses we see of them are neat, but it feels like we missed out seeing them only in brief snippets like that — as if we skipped an issue or two in the process. However, it’s not really a huge problem, since the story stays on track and keeps focused on what’s really important.

Besides that, the issue itself feels a bit light. Like I said, we learned quite a few things and the ending is very exciting, but it still feels like more could have happened in the issue. The writing here is fine as always though, with decent dialogue, story flow and structure. Things also gets very intense and thrilling towards the issue’s end, building up for the finale next time around.

…I kind of want to see that now. Don’t hold back on me!

The artwork is a treat as usual. The characters look great and are very expressive, the amount of detail and thought put into the locations and designs is great, the double page spreads are well done and help get the point across for whatever scene it is, the coloring is beautiful, and the layouts are well done. Basically, what we have come to expect from the series with the artwork is still met with this issue, even if there’s not much to say about it that hasn’t already been said. It’s a great looking issue.

Is It Good?

The Wake #9 is another solid issue and does a great job building towards the finale, even if feels like tease in some areas. The end is in sight for the mini-series and after all its buildup, will it be able to live up to the hype and meet our expectations? If these past nine issues are any indications, I think we can rest easily.


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