It’s time to get back with Justice League United as our heroes are teleported into outer space to get ready to face down their enemy. Is it good?

Justice League United #2 (DC Comics)

Our ragtag team of superheroes find themselves on an alien world, far away from Earth. While they are trying to figure out what happened, something came along with them when they teleported there. Meanwhile, we check in on Miiyahbin as she and her friend discover the alien vessel that the superheroes had run into back in the first (well, #0) issue of the comic.

Superheroes like hanging out in New York and Gotham City as well, can’t forget that!

After the first two very oddball numbered issues, this issue actually gets into explaining what is going on, like the villain’s motivation and some backstory, while also officially going back to the opening of #0. A different comic would just stretch out the storyline and mystery for a couple of more issues (coughNewAvengerscough), but no. The comic is chugging along and wasting no time anymore, finally even bringing in the previously absent Supergirl. That’s greatly appreciated in a decompressed comic book world nowadays.

But besides the comic being thankfully not decompressed, what else does it have to offer to us? Well, the backstory revealed here about what exactly this mysterious baby is is rather interesting (even if I don’t get how exactly the villain will use it to his advantage), the character work is good with a very likeable and well defined cast, it’s a fun and pure story that really isn’t gritty or overly dark for the sake of it, the writing is decent all around, and the dialogue is genuinely good with great lines in it. It’s a very well-constructed, but also highly enjoyable and fun superhero tale that is sure to satisfy one’s needs more than most books with superhero characters this week. Its two minor downsides are that I’m still wondering when exactly we will see Miiyahbin suiting up and fighting alongside our heroes, and the book is a bit slow in the middle.

Look, we may be in a life or death situation, but watch potty mouth missy!

The artwork looks great as usual here. The characters look great, the action is nice and energetic, the coloring is beautiful, the designs of the aliens and creatures are decent and the layouts are well put together. The one negative thing to say about the artwork is that we have three different inkers working on the book at once and honestly, you can tell when they switch them up. Even though they keep a consistent artist and colorist, the inking makes the artwork look slightly different throughout the book at points. It’s occasionally jarring to point where I had to recheck to see if the book had other artists on the book.

Is It Good?

Justice League United #2 is a really enjoyable superhero comic that continues to be a joy to read each and every issue. In a world where the Big 2 are moving their books away traditional superhero fun and making them decompressed and dragged out, this is a refreshing change of pace and really helps make the book stand out. It’s not genre changing, but Justice League United is the most pure, classic fun you’ll have with a superhero comic out there right now.

Is It Good? Justice League United #2 Review
The story is very enjoyable and the writing is strong.Likeable and distinct characters.The artwork is visually appealing most of the time.
Slow middle section.Multiple inkers make the book feel inconsistent at points.
9Overall Score
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