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Is It Good? Lumberjanes #3 Review

This comic went under my radar for the most part. All I knew was that it was a mini-series from Boom with a female cast, but that was it. However, after it sold so well that it went from mini-series to ongoing, I had to take notice of Lumberjanes. That’s a rather impressive upgrade to me and it has me wondering: Is it good?

Lumberjanes #3 (Boom! Studios)

Our little band of Lumberjane scouts have found themselves in some sort of ancient temple below the surface of their camp after jumping into a cave. With no way to go back, they press forward, encountering oddball traps and trails that’ll test their intelligence, skill, and strength. Hopefully, they obtained the right merit badges to pull it all off.

Probably not your handbook, but I bet the Junior Woodchucks Guidebook would have a chapter on this subject.

Having read the past two and this issue back to back to back, I can definitely see the appeal and why people bought the comic. It’s akin to My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic in a way, with a cast of distinct, strong, and memorable female characters; t’s for all ages; and the story and humor in it are a lot of fun. It does hold an edge over MLP for the fact that it is far more accessible since it’s not based off of a show and it doesn’t come with any fanbase baggage that could deter people. This is the perfect kind of story for parents to get for their kids and something they could enjoy as well.

It’s by no means the most complex or genre-changing kind of story out there. It’s kind of simple and the characters aren’t that nuanced (I wouldn’t mind hearing more their lives), but it is still a very enjoyable experience. Everyone is very likeable and memorable in their own ways, the story is fun and easy to get into, the writing and dialogue is good at capturing the friendship between everyone, and the humor is pretty dang good (the second issue was a bit stronger though in that department). It’s a very enjoyable experience overall.

What? You don’t believe it was Holy Kitten? Bah, you cat unbeliever!

The artwork looks good overall. The layouts are easy to follow, the characters look completely unique from each other, the coloring is nice, the creativity and imagery at points are pretty good, and the artwork really helps with adding to the humor and timing in the book. It looks well done, even if there isn’t much to go into detail about.

Is It Good?

Lumberjanes #3 is a great comic for all ages with the added bonus of being completely original and not based off something else, making it far more accessible to a wider audience. The characters are good, the sense of humor is great, the story and artwork are well done, and more. Definitely worth a look if you got a kid and you want them to read something a little more appropriate for their age.


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