In last month’s issue, things got real… very real. Issue #3 sees our non-heroes dealing with the fallout…literally. Is it good?

Real Heroes #3 (Image Comics)


As the Fauxlympians fall to their doom, they suddenly discover that their suits (and/or the universe in which they reside) has bestowed their fictional counterpart’s powers upon them. Unlike in a comic book, however, this does not lead to a heroic team up. Instead, everyone beats a hasty retreat, leaving poor Chris Reynolds/The Olympian to handle the giant grey monster all by himself.

Back on the ship, Brain Child reveals to the team members still on board that he knows who they really are… and that he’s totally cool with a peace accord.

If you smell a classic supervillain double cross, then I was right there with you. But as Longbow and Hardware try to guide the team Oracle-style through their headpieces, we have a couple of surprising revelations:

1. Brain Child may have actually meant what he said about wanting peace. I know we’re used to villains always wanting to DESTROY EVERYTHING, but is it really that hard to believe that they may also accept a more tactically sound victory instead?

2. If you were in another dimension, where is the first place you would go? Home. That’s where one of the Olympians goes, where a person from his past surprisingly still exists.

Is It Good?

I like what Bryan Hitch is doing here, even if it has all been mapped out many times before. What makes this story good is his ability to take subtle detours and relay emotions and reactions so well throughout the narrative.

As usual and expected, the art is fantastic. The story’s mysteries and hooks are also continuing to pull us along, making the reader (or me, at least) always want to know what happens next.

I did think that the way the Fauxlympians got their powers was a bit contrived, but whatever…the rest of the issue makes up for it.

Is it Good? Real Heroes #3 Review
As usual, incredible artwork by Bryan Hitch.The story's mysteries and hooks continue to make us want to know what's going to happen next.
The way that the Fauxlympians got their powers is contrived.
8.5Overall Score
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