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Is It Good? Shutter #3 Review

The first issue of Shutter was a bit average, though the second showed a lot of potential and was a lot of fun in areas. Hopefully, the comic can keep up this momentum with the latest issue. Is it good?

Shutter #3 (Image Comics)

After a failed kidnapping and assassination attempt on her life, Kate Kristopher realizes she is no longer safe in the city and near any of her friends. What she needs to do is get out of town quickly and hide out for a while. But where would the perfect place be to hide?

Ever get the feeling this comic is weird? I do all the time.

Shutter #3 is much slower paced and more like the first issue, where we get development for the main character (and some side characters here) and the world in which the series takes place. Getting into more development and expansion here isn’t a bad thing at all, it’s just that it took up so much time this issue that not much else really happened. Plus, with strange padding at the beginning (did we really need to know anything about the guy who tried to kill Kate?) and introduction of some new characters, the story barely inched forward at all this issue and that’s kind of a problem.

The writing by Joe Keatinge is still good. The characterization is nice, the new characters seem interesting, the cliffhanger is really good, the story structure is fine, and getting to see more glimpses of the world the series is in is nice. I just wish the story would get going because I genuinely want to see more and actually see the main character do something. Right now, Kate isn’t really doing much and we still don’t have much of a glimpse into her past outside of random images or hints. The book really needs to step up the pace.

Forget that talking cat! Saving the blonde is more important here!

The artwork by Leila Del Duca remains the strongest part of the series; she provides some very striking and memorable images (like that last page with the sinister tone and creepiness going on). The layouts are nice, the designs of creatures are fantastic and very nicely detailed, the bit of action is drawn in a way that makes you fully feel its impact, and the coloring is nice overall. While I found opening two pages unneeded, I do like the change in style, which gives a more cartoonish look in contrast to what was happening. In fact, the style very much reminded me of Richard Scarry’s work with Busytown.

Is It Good?

Shutter #3 is an alright issue of the series that needed more going on in it. The characterization and continuing growth with is world is nice, along with the artwork. However, it just needs some more story and exploration of Kate’s past before it can really feel fantastic. Luckily, the next issue looks to be fulfilling that so stick around. The best may be yet to come.


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