The fantastic return of the Firefly universe comes to a close…for this chapter of it, anyway. Is it good?

Serenity: Leaves on the Wind #6 (Dark Horse Comics)


While Zoe waits for the crew rescue her, River digs around inside the head of Serenity’s Alliance captive. She eventually finds the planet where their friend is being held. After making Simon promise to try and help the crazy girl they rescued from the Alliance laboratory in the last issue, Mal begins planning the rescue operation.

After the captain and Bea have a cool little moment, the action-packed prison escape plays out, all beautifully rendered by artist Georges Jeanty.

The issue ends with Zoe being reunited with the source of her strongest love while finally confronting the source of her greatest lost and deepest hate. We also see the crazy girl (whose name is Iris) joining the Serenity family…while their new greatest enemy reveals a shocking family secret of her own.

Is It Good?

Yes…but surprisingly, this one ended up being the weakest issue of the series.

Don’t get me wrong; overall it was still shiny. The action was awesome, the dialogue and story were gripping, and the humorous moments were laugh out loud hilarious.

But the end of the issue didn’t feel like an ending at all. The fate of one of the major characters in the story, along with the massive crew of prospective new Browncoats, was left completely up in the air. The reveal at the end was kind of cool, but it also came completely out of nowhere without tying into very much that we’d read before.

It was also a bit of a letdown that Mal’s speech from the prior issue about finally taking a stand didn’t really pan out. Maybe they’re saving that for another miniseries…and considering how great this one was, that would be just fine with me.

Is It Good? Serenity: Leaves on the Wind #6 Review
Awesome action, great dialogue, gripping story, and laugh out loud humor...all par of the course of this outstanding miniseries.The prison escape scene is drawn superbly by Georges Jeanty
Some major plot lines/characters are left completely up in the air by the end.
8.5Overall Score
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