The Darth Maul/Dark Horse Star Wars farewell tour continues with issue #2 of the maladjusted Zabrak’s miniseries. Is it good?

Star Wars: Darth Maul – Son of Dathomir #2 (Dark Horse Comics)

While Maul tries to regroup from the shellacking he received last issue, he calls upon Mother Talzin to tell him what to do next. Not only does she advise that he bunker down at Ord Mantell (good call), but she also sends an army of Night Brothers to aid his depleted forces in battle.

When Grievous and Dooku arrive, they unleash hell upon the city from the ground and air. Unfortunately for them, Maul has set a brilliant trap, leading to a cliffhanger that should be a lot of fun to watch get resolved.

Is It Good?

An interesting hook to make the lasers and explosions actually feel worthwhile

Now that’s more like it! Aside from the fact that we once again got cheated out of a great Maul vs Grievous showdown, this issue was a lot more fun to read than the last one.

My review was short, but there honestly wasn’t a whole lot more to say. The story is straight forward, but also makes excellent use of Maul’s cunning as a battle commander rather than his blunt force as a fighter. The action, however, is all beautifully rendered by Juan Frigeri. The kinetic energy pops off the page so well that it almost feels as though you are watching an episode of the Clone Wars animated series.

It’s good to see that Dark Horse is taking this final book of theirs in an interesting direction. Last issue felt like a lead up right back to the television series’ status quo, but this one gives us an interesting hook to make the lasers and explosions actually feel worthwhile.

Is It Good? Star Wars: Darth Maul – Son of Dathomir #2 Review
Action heavy issue all gorgeously rendered by Juan Frigeri.Instead of taking us back to that status quo like last issue, this one presents a new and interesting story hook.Maul is shown to be a cunning/brilliant battle commander as well as a great fighter.
The Maul vs. Grievous fight we all want to see gets cut short AGAIN!
8.5Overall Score
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